In time for the release of The new iPad, 4 SEO Apps from Mike Irving have been updated to support iOS 5.1, and add some new features. In the AppStore now, Website SEO Checks, CMS Detect, Keyword Density and SEO URL Ping are also iPhone compatible.

With the release of iOS 5.1 last week, and the imminent arrival ofThe new iPad this week, four apps from leadingSearch Engine Optimisation Apps DeveloperMike Irving have been updated with new features.
Website SEO Checks
The flagship iPad SEO Tool, allowing users to perform a complete check up on the health of their website, server and domain, in seconds. Lookup Google PageRank, Check for Server issues and now find out the number of website backlinks too.
CMS Detect Acting as a sniffer dog on any Web URL given to it, CMS Detect will establish which Content Management System lies behind the blog or website you are investigating! For the latest update, detection has been improved, and many more CMS Packages can now be detected.
Keyword Density
Calculating on-page Key Phrase Density can be a very time consuming task for any SEO Programmer. Well, now this can be done on the go. Enter or Paste in a URL and some phrases, and the app will do the maths for you! The latest release adds a series of improvements. The only Keyword Density App in the App Store.


So, you have a new website, or you have written a new blog… but how do you bring it to the masses? SEO URL Ping will allow you to submit your new content to leading Search Engines and Content Sites… automatically, in less than a minute. For the latest version, you can now Cut and Paste your website URL for maximum ease.

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