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Do I really need social media?

With social media it’s important you are in it, working with it and testing it – simple. But this takes time and expertise, so we work with you to share the workload and drive your brand.

We will create a Blog for you, our AIM social team will help you to look good on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, promoting you as an expert in your field, and driving valuable traffic back to your website. You Tube is now the 2nd largest search engine behind Google.

Imagine how powerful it would be to have a video of your best client giving you a testimonial on your website’s home page?

Social Media can make a huge impact on your business.

Don’t sit back and watch your competitors make the first move, they’ll be making connections and building relationships with your prospects.

We will help you:

  • Focus on the correct social media channels for your particular business
  • Define the primary business function of your social media channel e.g customer services, brand engagement or lead generation
  • Brand and integrate your social media channels with your website.

We can show you what social media is, and how you can use it to actively build your business online.

“Last year for every £1 I spent on marketing, AIM Internet gave me £6 back (gross margin).”

N Desmond


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