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For businesses wondering when to start making greater investments in social, the time is now.

The sooner you start embracing social media as a critical business function, the farther the strong social current will take you.

But using social data will also enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Despite data’s dominance in marketing these days, design still has a crucial role to play.

On the surface, the social space may appear crowded and noisy, but we can help you cut through that noise with analytics and social listening tools, to discover a wealth of rich insights that the smartest brands use to differentiate their strategies.

AIM Internet Will Help You:

– Be part of the online conversation
– Clearly show your social media icons
– Maximise your content and repurpose for social media
– Expert authoritative content that is optimised
– Video production and optimisation

Social media marketing as a whole is incredibly valuable and beneficial to your business growth, but your strategy will differ based on which social networks your audience spends their time on.

So, what are the key ingredients of social media success?

  • Know your target market audience
  • Define the primary business function of your social media channel
  • Focus your efforts on relevant social networking channels for your business
  • Schedule content using a social media calendar
  • Keep branding consistent across your social media platforms and your website
  • Share quality content at regular intervals
  • Use hashtags and location pins
  • Be authentic. Take followers “behind the scenes”
  • Keep an eye on trends
  • Monitor social media analytics and refine future campaigns
You won’t necessarily see a return on your social investments overnight. But if you plant the seeds now, nurture your strategy with data and give your social team the tools to harvest the fruits of your labour, you can reap long-term dividends.

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We are masters in turning social data into strategic business recommendations, targeted content and more. We will help prepare your business to catch the next wave of digital transformation.

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