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Consistent Profitable Business Growth

This Direct Mail client approached AIM Internet looking to develop a long-term digital strategy to achieve specific growth goals and to remedy a fall in traffic.

Established in 2000, they have provided valuable partnership to thousands of national and international businesses and is one of the largest mailing houses in the country.

AIM Marketing

It’s all about website traffic and conversion - find out why.

AIM Design

Despite data's dominance in marketing these days, design still has a crucial role to play.

AIM Social

With social media it’s important you are in it, working with it and testing it – simple.

As a brand, they operate alongside three core values – to listen, innovate and deliver. These three values can be replicated in their digital assets to ensure that potential and existing customers always receive the best service possible.

They came to AIM Internet after investing in a new website, which saw their traffic reduce as a result. Overnight their marketing efforts weren’t as effective as they had been so they appointed AIM Internet to try and remedy the situation.

Are you a growing business looking to strengthen your digital marketing strategy?

Who AIM Helps

The key to success with this particular client is they measure everything they do, the data is there for us to analyse and use effectively. In fact, they had already utilised many of the techniques used by AIM Internet.

We simply do them better than the previous suppliers; there wasn’t the usual learning curve in terms of the methodology utilised and because the measures are already in place the client can invest more, more quickly, to drive sales and ultimately profits.

Direct Mail Company

Building A Strong Partnership Is Key

As a marketing agency, we understand that an eye-catching design is not enough, clients need a return on investment and need to see how the marketing services provided are very much in line and reinforce the sales and marketing goals and deliverables. Through demonstrating this, we have built a strong partnership.

Website Design

Your website will benefit from the lessons learned from the 1000’s we’ve built over the years.


Ever evolving alongside Google & Bing’s many sub sites like Google Business Profile, SEO is still generally delivers the mist leads for our clients.


Paid traffic that delivers the same quality of visitor as organic is the key. Let us help you transform your business.

Social Media

Exploding by the day, Content is King. Twas ever thus.


“Websites are an essential marketing tool for any business, but AIM Internet makes a real difference by ensuring their websites truly work for the business to ensure continued growth.”

A. Bradbury

“AIM Internet have provided us with invaluable help and expert guidance in developing our Company web presence. They always deliver no matter how tight the deadlines and provide excellent value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to my friends and business contacts as I know they will be in very safe hands.”

M. O’Dwyer

“I have always found AIM Internet to be very easy to work with – they have a good understanding of what we require and are able to portray this in a straightforward and understandable way. They have, without doubt, made a huge difference to my business.”

G. Devey

“I have worked with AIM Internet for many years, and would strongly recommend them to both new and established businesses. AIM provided opinions and ideas as an outsider looking into our business, and could therefore recommend actions that we would not have initiated on our own.”

M. Mitchell

“AIM Internet have provided us with an excellent service and their ideas and input into the creation of our web site were outstanding.”

P. Tracey

“AIM Internet / Mike Raybone provided practical and insightful training on social media and internet marketing which formed an integral part of our business development masterclasses. Feedback from delegates was excellent.”

G. Oxton

“AIM Internet have become an integral part of our continued business development by supporting myself on a regular basis to ensure we achieve the results required from our investment. I have identified Sarah as an individual who I can trust and will strive at all times to exceed my expectations.”

D. Stokes

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