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Please email your Project Manager if you are experiencing any website or email issues.

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours for non urgent issues or 4 hours if designated urgent. Our support hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Cannot Send or Receive Email:

  • Check broadband connection, if this isn’t working contact your broadband provider.
  • Empty junk mail folders, inbox and sent items of unnecessary messages.
  • Save any large attachments to your pc and delete from the email account.
  • Check if you can send or receive via webmail. Send yourself an email and if it arrives safely you know that the issue is not with our server but a local one to your pc. Your IT support dept should then be able to look at the problem.

Repeatedly Asked for Password When Sending / Receiving:

Check your security settings by doing the following:

  • In Outlook, go into tools > email accounts.
  • Then change / view accounts.
  • Make sure that the tickbox for ‘require logon using secure password authentication’ is empty.
  • Then go into more settings, click the outgoing server tab and make sure the box for ‘outgoing server requires authentication’ is ticked and the ‘use same settings…’ button is selected.
  • Then go to the advanced tab and make sure the box for ‘this server requires an encrypted connection’ isn’t ticked.

Cannot See Website:

Check your broadband connection. Can you get on other sites, such as If not please contact your broadband provider.

If you have control of your domain, check to see if your registration has expired.


Please contact Mike Raybone with any form of complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the initial solution, your complaint will be escalated to our Managing Director. In each case your complaint will be responded to within 5 working days.

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