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Domain Name Information

As a Domain Name Registrar AIM Internet adheres to the Registrar Good Practice Agreement of March 2007. We charge annually for .uk domain names at a rate of £22 per annum. We will invoice you annually to renew the contract and you will be notified at least 30 days in advance of any change.

Should you wish to terminate this agreement please notify us by phone, letter or email. We charge a £50 administration fee to co ordinate the release of the tag.

If you need to contact us please call 0870 062 8760 between 9am and 5.30pm
email sarah@aim-internet.com.

Nominet is the central registry for .uk domains. If you register a .uk domain you are entering into a contract with Nominet, the terms of which can be found here.

Get in touch

When you contact us we collect this information to ensure we can respond appropriately. Specifically we collect:

Name: so we know how to address you. Your details will also be transferred to our customer relationship system and your name will form part of your unique identifier.

Telephone Number: so we have a method of contacting you. This will also be transferred to our customer relationship system.

Email: as above for Telephone Number.

Message: this will also be transferred to our customer relationship system so if you contact us again in the future we have a history of our communications with you.

None of the information provided through this form will be used for other reasons than to answer your query. It will not be shared with any third party. This information will be deleted 1 year after our last contact with you.

If you do not want us to store your data pleaase select the 'Send and Save' button. Otherwise you will be consenting to the above.