Are You Wasting Your Marketing Budget?

Digital Marketing Experts: If you own a business, you need to dominate your online space. When people want your services, you need to be the first in line. Here at AIM Internet, we’re the digital marketing specialists who make that happen. And the methods we use are no hit and miss, hope-for-the-best results. If you haven’t been told already: marketing is the new science and our marketing experts are the new scientists.

Digital Marketing Experts

For our clients we pull out all the stops by analysing their online business space, Google ranking, content, competition and keywords to ensure they rise above the noise.

To get a good understanding of our clients’ needs, we crawl the ‘Net analysing URLs and pulling in countless data points. We extract information around headlines, word count, keywords, social shares etc. As we said, it’s science.

Using all the data we capture, we then drive traffic to websites, to blogs and subscribers to client newsletters. As leading online marketing experts we do all this for our customers – and more.

One of our clients signed up to these methods in late 2014. They are one of the largest mailing houses in the UK and saw a dramatic drop off in traffic after launching their new website. They needed digital marketing experts and they contacted us at AIM Internet.

Within in a few months, using our combination of marketing and data science methods (our KFC secret formula, if you like), traffic numbers had increased and customers were contacting for quotes and enquiries. Their order book soon filled.

The Best Of Both

As digital marketing experts we use all the traditional methods and then add our analysis tools. We plug those in to the plethora of platforms that comprise everyone’s online universe these days. This includes websites, social sharing networks, news, PR and other content. We then throw it into our big data mixing bowl. We crunch through that data, do the analysis and then some…

In those far off pre online days a high percentage of marketing worked, but no one really knew what that percentage was. It was like throwing the proverbial handful of mud against a wall and hoping much of it sticks.

These days that mud would need to go a long way – budgets have to stretch across a far wider range of services and media platforms. So all companies need to maximise their return on their marketing spend.

That’s where we come in. As digital marketing specialists, we can help to ensure you no longer waste money on marketing grey areas – or waste time throwing all that mud against the wall, if you like.

We’d be really pleased to hear from you and guarantee your business will benefit one way or another – so what have you got to lose? Please email us on or call today on 0870 062 8760.

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