Digital Marketing Tips For Retailers

The continuous development of new technologies and digital trends means the customer journey simultaneously becomes more complex. We’ve identified some key digital marketing tips for retailers to help you along the way.

Customers need to feel connected to the brand they buy from. It’s imperative that online retailers stay connected in order to drive conversions, boost brand loyalty and increase revenue. If you meet the purchase and customer support needs of the consumer, the more likely they are to come back.

Digital Marketing Tips To Consider

Unsurprisingly, digital is often a consumer’s first run in with any brand. According to a recent survey, 33 per cent of consumers are first introduced to a brand through their smartphone. In response, online retailers need to develop strong digital marketing strategies by determining the right distribution channels to reach target audiences, personalising customer experiences, maintaining a consistent brand style and voice, and integrating omnichannel support.

Identify the Best Distribution Channels

The first step is to determine the right distribution channel to reach your target audience. User demographics differ across platforms and networks because each channel has different content. This means as a retailer you need to identify where your customers spend their online time. You then need to put a plan in place to communicate with them. A good way of doing this is by monitoring competitor content.

Personalise Customer Experiences

Once you’ve established where your customers hang out, it’s time to establish what they want. Content needs to be tailored specifically for that audience to personalise customer experiences and drive meaningful engagement. It’s important to create emotional connections around content-rich experiences.

Personalised digital content offers a unique, authentic customer experience that builds trust and creates the ideal balance between transaction and emotion.

Although promotional marketing is extremely important, you also don’t want to bombard them. You need to make sure they feel compelled to open each email you send. When customers engage with content created specifically for their own personal likes and interests, they are more likely to trust the brand and become loyal advocates.

By sharing special promotions, offering helpful feedback, responding to user comments and asking for product reviews, it makes your customers feel valued and connected to the brand.

Consistency is Key

Digital is also transforming the in-store experience for customers. This means it is important to maintain a consistent brand style and voice across all channels. Increased levels of connectivity means consumers expect the same brand experience regardless of whether or not the interactions happen online or offline.

Integrate Omnichannel Support

Increased mobile connectivity and the growth of social media have created a variety of touch points across all phases of the customer journey. Customers expect retailers to be on hand 24/7, especially if they have a problem. They want to feel connected at all times; the on hand support builds trust between brand and consumer. This means retailers must integrate omnichannel support strategies throughout the entire customer journey.

Regardless of where you interact with your customers, creating personalised, omnichannel customer experiences is the key to building trust, fostering authentic connections, boosting loyalty and driving business revenue.

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