What Are The E-Commerce Trends For 2018?

2017 has seen us witness some great changes in e-commerce. But 2018 is just around the corner and it would seem we’re in for more exciting developments in the e-commerce world. Mobile users are increasing every day, product customisation is becoming the expected, and competition is higher than ever. Here are a few of the e-commerce trends that are going to stay and the new ones that we’ll see in 2018.

E-commerce Trends via AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

It is expected that the total number of AR and VR users will reach nearly 200 million by 2018. Businesses are taking advantage of new technology to create new customer experiences.

AR and VR will definitely welcome e-commerce with arms wide open. Its increasing customer base will open up many business opportunities. Instead of just video and product descriptions customers will get a 3D view of the product they want to buy. They will also be able to compare products in real time. It is going to revolutionise the shopping experience of customers and the way e-commerce do business. We predict that this will be one of the biggest e-commerce trends to watch out for in the next year.

Increase In Mobile Purchase

We have already witnessed how online usage shifted from desktop computers to mobile devices. Mobile currently counts for more than half of all web traffic and it’s still growing. But, surprisingly, online shoppers still prefer desktops to mobile devices for purchasing because of bad mobile usability.

However, businesses are recognising this flaw and doing their best to enhance the mobile shopping experience. Mobile shopping is picking up the pace and will continue to grow in 2018.

Subscription-Based Services

Subscription-based services are coming back around. They are great for the customers and for business. Take Amazon with Amazon Prime for example, it offers flexibility to users and garners recurring sales for the businesses. Glossybox is another great example; it has a solid and engaged customer base, which gives them recurring monthly sales.

Personalised Shopping Experience

The personalised shopping experience is already gathering speed, and it’s only going to get bigger in 2018. Banner marketing, remarketing, email marketing, etc are part of the personalised shopping experience. The idea is to advertise products of interest to customers. The beauty of online is that we can now track people’s shopping habits and interests. This means businesses can tailor what customers see and spend marketing money more efficiently.

Product Customisation

With advancing technology, product customisation has become more accessible and easier to achieve. Consumers today want customised products for everything from gifts to trainers to jewellery. Personalised products give a sense of ownership and customers will also often pay more for a customised item.

E-commerce Trends 2018

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