Your Company Can Grow Using Government Funding For Digital Marketing

We could talk for hours about the successes of the businesses who have grown with us. We use our digital marketing strategic test-and-measure approach and with the access to government grant funding *. However, we think sometimes you just need to hear it straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

Watch our two minute video and see for yourself how we helped a 90 year old family electroplating company to increase their revenue. In addition, increase their return on margin (£6k margin for every £1k spent with us) and extend their customer base.

Then, if you’re interested to see how grant funding and our digital marketing company can help grow your business too, go to our sell more online page.

Government Funding For Digital Marketing | You Could Be Eligible

If you like what you saw and want to find out if your business could be eligible for grant funding* then don’t delay. There is a combination of grant funding, r&d tax credits and corporation tax reductions available. Therefore, this can mean up to 50% off your digital marketing spend.*

Lots of companies are now realising the opportunity of this type of funding, so if you are a B2B business in:

  • Herefordshire
  • Shropshire
  • Staffordshire
  • West Midlands
  • North Worcestershire

AIM Internet, Digital Marketing Agency

You would like to grow and improve. Additionally, you think that some grant funding would be a welcome thing to help. Then either:

Not for you? Why not share this with any clients or suppliers you know who may be interested in Grant Funding to help them grow?

P.S. Don’t get left behind… find out if your business could qualify for Grant Funding.

We are a leading digital marketing agency who have helped many business grow using funding and our proven marketing strategies. We would be happy to answer any questions to you have. Additionally, you might also like to read our previous blog on halving your digital marketing costs with Grant funding.

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