Rise Above The Noise: Business Success Secrets You’ll Want To Know

Welcome to our just released series of blogs on local search marketing. So, AIM Internet are letting you in on the business success secrets we’ve perfected in over 20 years. This is done by helping SME’s rise above the noise of their competitors and helping entrepreneurs to grow…

How To Rise Above The Noise Using Local Marketing

Marketing your business can be a headache. And if you’re a small business with limited resources it can be a BIG headache.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll want to read on. Discover how you can learn the business success secrets we’ve honed over 20 years. Furthermore, we will have you out-smarting your rivals by using local marketing to rise above the noise of your competition.

Note: We will discuss what we mean by “local marketing” later. However, for now we just want to reassure you that we haven’t gone completely mad. We’re not advocating harking back to the times of ads in the local papers, (although there’s nothing wrong with that as part of your overall strategy)!

Back to the point…

One of the common problems we’ve come across, is the ability for SME’s & Entrepreneurs to allocate resource to marketing. For instance to make sure their business stands out above the competition.

Running a business is so much more than a full time job. Owner/Managers often simply don’t have the time and even dedicated marketing managers get pulled into helping out in other operations. This is the nature of a small company!

How then, do you dedicate the time needed to learn how to grow and stand out from the competition? You are also carrying out the day-to-day tasks. Such as, being Owner/MD/Marketing Manager/Accountant/Strategic Tea Maker. How do you have the time?

Businesses today understand that to get noticed & grow they’ve got to be online. You know that. That’s why you’ve probably already got a website. Box ticked, right.

But, Is It Working?

Having a website is one thing, but where is it? Are you being found? To paraphrase the famous BBC sitcom, the question to ask is not “are YOU being served?” it’s “are your CUSTOMERS being served?”

Are THEY being served with digital information about YOUR company, OVER your competitors, when they tap in a search term?

If your website is in your shop window, search engine results pages (or SERPs for short) are the virtual high street. Ask yourself, your website on that high street, is it lit up and shouting out with bells-and-whistles to potential customers that you’re open for business?

If your website’s not being found, it can’t work to help your business to grow.

And, your website should work for you. Making one that works hard is an art (we know about this, but that’s for another blog). It should be effective. It should be your selling or lead generation machine.

And to do that, first it HAS be found.

Giving You The Keys To Search Success

To make sure they are being found, the headache nowadays for many small businesses is just how to climb to the top of the likes of Google & Bing. This is either organically or by pay per click.

That’s where local marketing, or – to give it it’s good ‘n’ proper name – local search marketing, comes into force. In the digital online world, your local space can be an easier one to dominate on the SERPs than the national one. Of course you want to dominate there too – and our expertise will help you to do that as well. But, leveraging your local ecosystem will make quicker gains for your business.

What Do We Mean By Local Search Marketing?

Simply, local marketing is the use of geography in online searches. It’s a way of sidestepping the general noise of the online space and there are many ways to employ it.

And, that’s where this series of blogs comes in.

Every two weeks, we’ll be giving you the hacks you need to succeed at local marketing. We’ll be taking you through what’s essential for your business to grow. In addition, for your website to become a selling or lead generation machine that gets the top slot in the local search results of Google.

What Do We Know?

We’ve had our fingers in the digital marketing pie since websites first launched in the heady days of html. Over the years we’ve tested and tweaked to understand the crucial truisms that form the foundations of successful businesses, which climb to the top of search and – more importantly now – local search. Some of these truisms have not changed; remaining as relevant in 2016 as they were in 1996.

Over the coming series, you’ll learn many of the secrets we’ve built up over the years, from:

  • ‘How to’ guides
  • Achieving a better understanding of data
  • Producing content to improve your search results
  • Understanding how to use social media to improve online engagement.

Stay caught up and we’ll show you how to get to the top in local marketing & rise above the noise of your competitors.


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