Digital Marketing Trends 2020: 5 Need To Know Strategies

Just like that, a new decade is upon us. And, if the last decade is anything to go by we are going to see some big changes in the digital sphere and in the latest digital marketing trends. The same can be said for consumer interests; changing daily they are now harder than ever to predict manually. 

Keeping this in mind, the last ten years has seen a huge evolution in marketing technology. The innovation in digital platforms has made it possible for marketers to better understand their audience and engage on a level that delivers proven results.

The concepts we once thought were too ambitious or too ‘futuristic’ are here and now. We have artificial intelligence, smart speakers and voice search engine optimisation, and data-driven marketing to name but a few. Not only are they here but they are amongst some of the most important digital marketing strategies we use and will continue to dominate in the 2020 digital market.  

But what else should we be investing our time in? Where will 2020 take the digital marketing industry? Here are five digital marketing trends that will keep you busy this year. 


Top Notch User Experience

The 2010s has seen a phenomenal change in how we, as a user search and engage online. This is primarily due to the rising use of smartphones and mobile applications, permanently changing the way we market to our consumers. The biggest factor to remember is that no matter what the marketing platforms are that we use, the most important thing is the user experience. For a brand to be successful it must deliver an unmatched user experience to stand a chance of competing in today’s densely populated industry. This includes UX design; is your website mobile friendly? Page load time up to scratch? Content engaging? Do you have video content on your website? Have you enhanced your site with images?

Is your website easy to navigate? Have you implemented voice search optimisation? The list could go on and on but you get the gist, every effort needs to go into creating a great user experience in order to stay relevant. 

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Oh how times have changed in the marketing and advertising game since the formation of digital platforms. Traditional methods of marketing are now seen as outdated, expensive and ineffective, whereas digital marketing trends offer unlimited potential.  On this path to new more effective (more digital) marketing and advertising methods, minimalism has reared its head. And thank goodness for that, as we now focus on a less is more approach; offering a user experience with fewer distractions and more focus on research, quality and data driven strategies. 


User Generated Content (UGC)

Consumers no longer want to be told by the brands that their product or service is the best. They want to hear it from the mouths of other consumers, which makes total sense. This puts a huge responsibility on the brand and raises the bar when it comes to expectations. Approximately 60 per cent of consumers prefer UGC when making a purchasing decision. It’s essentially the modern day version of word of mouth, people find it more authentic and trustworthy. These days we wouldn’t dream of buying a product without checking out the reviews first. When we’re looking for a service we rely on testimonials and Google ratings. We look to influencer marketing, videos and social media posts. These are all avenues that need to remain in the forefront of marketers minds when strategising for 2020 digital marketing trends


AR/VR Based Marketing

We’re lucky enough to live in a time of great technological advancement, so 2020 is the year to embrace it. People want experiences from brands, it’s time to be creative and stand out from the competition. Marketers are now integrating technology into marketing methodsOne of the biggest innovations integrated into advertising is augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This technology allows the consumer to really live, breath and feel the brand or product. AR gives users an opportunity to view how a particular location will look, how it will be set up, all by simply having their mobile in hand (which lets face it, is where most people have it the majority of the time anyway). It not only offers an experience but convenience to the user too. Similarly, with VR, consumers can be physically transported to a simulated environment, for a real life product experience. AR and VR are becoming increasingly more popular as a marketing strategy and we can see why; it’s exciting to say the least. 



Again, nothing new but definitely worth noting are chatbots. They have already made their mark on the digital world—along with 360 degree video content but they will continue to dominate the marketing world for the foreseeable future.  Honestly, we could go on – 2020 digital marketing trends will also see voice search dashboards, shopable posts and adverts and visual search functions which will change the way users engage and shop. But the biggest thing to remember out of all of this is that the customer should be at the heart of everything you do. The goal is to deliver the best user experience possible, quality content has to be a top priority. As technology advances, consumer expectations get higher, so it’s down to us as marketers to remain ahead of the game and stay relevant in today’s highly competitive market.

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