Adwords Agency Midlands: What Are Adwords ?

As a Google Adwords Agency based in Birmingham UK, we see that Google users are failing to understand the difference between Adwords and natural search results. So, we’re here to give you a non-tech, plain-English description.

Google AdWords is Google’s own advertising service. It allows you to place search results for your website on a search engine results page (SERP) by paying for them. This is the list of options you see when you Google something.

Consultancy firm Bunnyfoot, discovered that 81 per cent of web users clicked on Google Adwords instead of general (organic) search results. Only 19 per cent scrolled further down the page to look at and click the organic returned matches.

Further research revealed that 41 per cent of the 100 individuals tested didn’t know the top listed Adwords were paid-for placed adverts. Instead, thinking that they were the most trusted / commonly used sites for their Google search. This means that many users are unaware that they are financing companies that have paid for prevalent search listing.

Media investment service GroupM UK also found that women are more likely to click on paid search returns than men. Research also showed that this increases in proportion with the age of the individual.

Bunnyfoot co-founder Rob Stevens said the research gave valuable insight into Internet user behaviour.

“The key takeaway for marketers from this test is that there is a world of people out there who don’t know Adwords are ads, and marketers should be wary of making assumptions that remove them from a true consumer perspective,” he told website

Adwords Agency In Birmingham UK | The Basic Principles Of AdWords

Put simply, you pick some ‘keywords’ that you think a searcher might use on Google to lead them to your site. Then, create an advert that will appear on the SERP (search engine results page) based on those keywords.

The problem; your competitors will be bidding on the same words. They will also want to serve adverts to people who use those particular terms/ key words. You have to bid against competitors on how much you’re willing to pay Google AdWords every time a user clicks on your ad. This can make it very costly if you want to be at the top.

Obviously the more you pay-per-click (PPC) the more likely your ad will appear in the search results. PPC is not for shallow pockets! However, it’s not just the highest bid that is taken into account. Google also uses something called a ‘quality score’. As a Google Adwords Agency in Birmingham UK we can do all the work for you. So, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

What Is Quality Score?

Google looks at how relevant and useful your content is to the searcher and the keywords they’ve used. It also looks at how many clicks your ad has received previously, known as its click-through rate (CTR). Followed by how relevant your landing page is (the first page the user lands on if they click on your ad).

For instance if the searcher types ‘Chanel perfume’ and your advert appears saying “buy Chanel perfume here”, once the ad is clicked this needs to lead the searcher directly to a page featuring Chanel perfume. If it doesn’t, you’ll be penalised and your quality score will be lower.

The higher your quality score, the better. That’s why good, relevant content is so important.

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