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Developing a Complete Understanding of Digital Marketing Logistics

AIM was approached to work with an education group (with multiple schools) on a consulting basis, following a bad experience with previous agencies.

The aim was to simplify operations and gain a better understanding of the logistics of digital marketing in order to be able to manage agencies more closely in the future. The group wanted clarity, advice, and an agency they could trust.

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Consultancy Analysis

AIM completed a full analysis of the education group and all of its schools from a marketing perspective. Highlighted various points of concern that needed addressing as well as long-term strategy recommendations.

Are you an education group or school looking to enhance your digital marketing strategy?

Direct Support for Schools

Following the consulting work, AIM began working directly with two of the schools that needed support. Like the education group, they were looking to simplify operations and gain a better understanding of the logistics of digital marketing.


Assessments were done during the original consultancy, so the project focused on ensuring tracking and accounts were set up and linked properly, and implementing a paid search strategy.

Paid Search Set Up Phase

The paid search setup phase involved building campaigns and targeting lists, conversion measurement, and educating Google’s machine learning. The project ensured that tailored targeting was used to improve site traffic and promote key events for the locations.

Management and Optimisation of Accounts

AIM provided a complete consultation to the client on how digital marketing works, specifically paid search. We developed a system to measure the customer journey and key conversions for the locations.

We also provided a long-term strategy, developed by AIM over 25 years to best fit with Google’s machine learning. Finally, we optimised and managed accounts. Therefore, ensuring that the education group and its schools had a better understanding of digital marketing logistics and the ability to manage agencies more closely in the future.

Website Design

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Social Media

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M. O’Dwyer

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G. Devey

“I have worked with AIM Internet for many years, and would strongly recommend them to both new and established businesses. AIM provided opinions and ideas as an outsider looking into our business, and could therefore recommend actions that we would not have initiated on our own.”

M. Mitchell

“AIM Internet have provided us with an excellent service and their ideas and input into the creation of our web site were outstanding.”

P. Tracey

“AIM Internet / Mike Raybone provided practical and insightful training on social media and internet marketing which formed an integral part of our business development masterclasses. Feedback from delegates was excellent.”

G. Oxton

“AIM Internet have become an integral part of our continued business development by supporting myself on a regular basis to ensure we achieve the results required from our investment. I have identified Sarah as an individual who I can trust and will strive at all times to exceed my expectations.”

D. Stokes

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