Should Business Blogging Be Part Of Your 2021 Content Marketing Strategy?

Over the years, business blogging is one of the few content marketing strategies that has remained consistently important to a business. We’re often asked how to make business blogging successful and how to include business blogging in your content marketing strategy. Luckily, we at Aim Internet have a wealth of experience.


Is Business Blogging Worth Your Time?

With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the importance of blogging for businesses. So is it worth investing your time into content? In particular, with the rise of interactive social media platforms allowing you to engage and communicate with your customers easily, is a company blog worth the effort?


Should You Blog or Post On Social Media Platforms?

People often think that a successful content marketing strategy means choosing between tools in order to engage with clients or customers and to deliver brand messages.

This isn’t strictly true. The key is to be strategic in where you post as you only need to post where your audience is hanging out. Having a fully integrated approach to content marketing that includes both social media platforms and business blogging platforms is a must. Especially when it comes to gaining an advantage over other players in your industry. The question isn’t which method should you use. Instead, it is how can you efficiently and effectively use these different tools to help grow your business.

Creating great blogs gives you great content to share with your audience via social media. The two methods are intrinsically linked.


What Are the Benefits of Business Blogging in 2021?

One of the biggest reasons is that you get to establish yourself as an authority within your field. As a result, your audience will come to you for any industry news, products and services or insights. By creating great content you’re bringing value to your audience which keeps them coming back to your website, blog or social media platforms.

As a specialist SEO Agency we find that business blogging is a great way to get content to your audience that isn’t just filler but truly useful and interesting. As a result, this will generate organic interest over time.

It’s also worth noting that being consistent with your content is essential to your success in terms of your brand and maintaining reader interest.


SEO benefits of Business Blogging

Another great benefit of having a business blog is the SEO impact. A blog is the perfect way to help boost SEO and search engine rankings. Used alongside other marketing strategies, it’s a great way to improve your results. The key is to create valuable content around the questions your customers are searching for. If you write great content, the keywords should follow naturally.

However, it never hurts to do your keyword research to ensure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of being found in the search results. But remember, Google can penalise you if it suspects you are intentionally overusing a keyword, try and use natural language that is easy for your audience to digest. Write for your audience first, Google second.

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Brand continuity

If your business is active and consistent on social media, blogs give you great content to distribute across your platforms. It’s important to stay on brand so that customers can visit any one of your social media’s or your website and know what to expect. A good way to do this is by theming your social media content in accordance with your blog topics.

This seamless continuity in regards to the topics covered can help bring people from your social media channels to your blog and vice versa, and also helps to engage users that might not otherwise have seen your blog, but have come across it via your social media posts.

Consumers are becoming more and more desensitised to many forms of advertising to the point where it has become a subconscious action. That’s why it’s so important to establish your brand as an industry expert. As a result, customers will choose to engage with you and look to you when they need information regarding your area of expertise.


Keeps your business organised

Often the thought of creating and maintaining a blog that aligns with your other content marketing strategies is far worse than the doing. But, all it takes is a little organisation and planning. The best way to start is to brainstorm subject areas you think your audience will find interesting. If it adds value to your audience they are far more likely to engage with your content. Create a content plan and an editorial calendar. Not only will this help you feel more organised. It will also mean the other teams (like social media) can easily plan their content around your blog too.

It also helps to keep you accountable, if you have a weekly date in the the diary you’re more likely to stick to it and get it done. After all, consistency is key. The last thing you want is your readers to visit your blog expecting to see new content that you haven’t delivered.

Research what type of content your readers would genuinely benefit from. Whether that’s how to’s, FAQs, educational content etc. Once you start writing you’ll generally find more blog ideas arise. It’s a good idea to link relevant content to each other, creating an internal linking structure. You should also link back to the main overarching page.

Once you’re up and running you can also schedule blog posts in advance to your social platforms using tools such as Hootsuite. This way you can ensure your posts are published at the best times for your audience on each platform.

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In conclusion

Business blogging is still one of the most effective and accessible marketing strategies for businesses due to its ability to build trust and engage audiences. It’s also the perfect way to support your branding and personality.

If you can become a trusted authority within your industry, your business will go from strength to strength. Creating and delivering quality content that readers can rely on will help you achieve this status. If it comes down to it, and it’s a choice between you and a competitor they’ll choose you every time because they trust your content and brand.

Here at AIM Internet, we help clients from all different industries with their business blogs and wider digital marketing strategies. Using proven methods we can boost your search engine ranking and help build a trusted relationship with your audience. Call us today to discuss how business blogging can drive traffic to your website and social media platforms.

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