Common cock-ups that can ruin your business

Social media is a digital lovers playground. It can earn you loyal followers and build your brand quicker than any other method. The problem is, one wrong move can have a devastating impact on your business. Take a look at these easy-to-make, common mistakes, that our social media agency Birmingham can help you fix.


1. Social Media Birmingham – Inconsistent posts

Social media is often not taken as seriously as other marketing outlets. But if you don’t have the time to dedicate to social media marketing and you haven’t implemented a scheduling tool, you really need to pull in the experts. If your posts are inconsistent your followers don’t know what to expect. If you can’t commit to them why should they commit to you?

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2. Inconsistent voice

You can see a pattern arising here. Followers hate inconsistency. This tends to be more of a problem for companies who have multiple employees managing a single account. To fix this you need a strict style guide. People like to feel like they know a brand and can trust them, if the brand is always changing this becomes impossible.


3. Pushy posts

Obviously, as a brand and business you use social media as a tool for increasing sales. However, it’s also about quality content and engagement. Customers respond to social interaction. You don’t always need to push your products in order to get a sale. This can come across as insincere, jeopardising your brands relationship with its consumer.


4. Programmed responses  

This comes across as lazy; you need to show your customers that you genuinely care if they have a question or concern. Customers do not respond well to automatic replies meaning you may lose them forever. Take the time to write unique messages to all your followers and enquiries.


5. Annoying your followers

Social media Birmingham, our top tip, don’t post for the sake of posting. If followers start to find you annoying they will soon get rid never to return. The easiest way to avoid this is think like a consumer, after all, you are one. What would like to see posted? What would like to see in your messages? Follow that rule and you can’t go wrong.


6. Taking risks with humour

Your business social media account is not the place for humour that has the capability to offend or upset someone. Yes, you need to create a personality for your brand, this is a big part of why followers like you and trust you. But be very very careful not to offend.


7. Being insensitive or exploitive

Always think before you post, especially if it’s a sensitive topic or in response to a national tragedy. You don’t want to be seen as exploiting a situation. This can permanently ruin your reputation.


8. Be polite

This might seem like an obvious statement, but it’s amazing how many brands ignore their followers. Always respond to questions, even if it’s just to acknowledge with a more in depth answer to follow later. It’s not only the people you ignore that you annoy, but other followers will see this and lose respect. Would you buy from somewhere if you thought they wouldn’t help if you had a problem?

Social media has huge benefits to any business but it’s a minefield if you don’t carefully plan and strategise your moves. Expert help can limit the room for error, giving you one less thing to worry about when driving your business forward.  Speak to a member of our team today on 0870 062 8760.


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