Benefits Of Using A Digital Agency – 3 Ways They’ll Help Your Business

Marketing agencies are all same, right? Not entirely. If you want to grow your business online, then the benefits of using a digital agency over a traditional agency are second to none.

The Digital Agency Difference…

Marketing agencies. You know the ones. Slick offices, cool locations big account management teams with equally big client-relationship-building budgets (which ultimately you pay for) and reactive teams waiting for your next request.

Marketing used to be that a third worked, we just didn’t know which. And that’s still often the case today.

Not so helpful.

Especially if you’re a small business who doesn’t have an unlimited budget to throw at campaigns.

We’re not saying brand, customer buying cycles and promotional flyers etc. aren’t important. They are.

But by using effective digital marketing methods, a digital agency can be much more targeted with your marketing budget and deliver real, tangible, benefits to your business.

Here’s 3 Benefits of Using a Digital Agency

1. A digital agency understands the importance of data

Digital agencies tend to use digital marketing strategies that are more data driven and measurable.

At a digital agency, it’s much less about campaign led initiatives, brand values and billboard adverts. Instead, it’s about using a digital marketing toolbox, including SEO, PPC, Remarketing & Social Media, to drive tangible growth in your business by sending relevant, quality traffic to your website.

Data focused digital marketing does away with the ambiguity that accompanies traditional marketing spend.

As Google pointed out in their just released blog, to be a leading marketer you need to follow the data, not your gut.

One of the benefits of using a digital agency is that you can be more strategic with your approach.

Wouldn’t you agree that’s a more efficient and effective way of working?

We are proud to say we’ve been a digital agency in Birmingham for 21 years now and that SME’s across the whole of the West Midlands region have worked with us to help them grow.

They’ve been able to leverage online marketing to help them get more leads, more customers and ultimately grow their profits.

2. Your business benefits from the latest digital marketing developments

We can’t speak for every digital agency but at AIM Internet we like to stay ahead of the latest developments in the digital space.

That way, we can be sure to pass on any leading edge knowledge so that it benefits clients.

It’s a fast moving and ever evolving landscape. By using a digital agency you can access that knowledge without the added training costs of paying someone in house to keep on top of things.

3. Using a digital agency is simply great business sense

Any business is going to love a way of getting better returns on their spend. The benefits of using a digital agency are that you can do just that.

Taking a strategic view about where to focus, and being able to measure approaches through analysing data, means digital agencies can help you understand what is and isn’t working more easily.

This comes from working with you to identify your top products or services. Then testing strategies to drive traffic to them and measuring the results.

If something’s not going to plan, or your focus needs to change, the strategy can easily be adjusted.

At AIM Internet, by focusing on our client’s core margin, we help them spend significantly less of their digital marketing budget in addition to getting a return on margin.

Whatever the size of your budget, a quality digital agency should ensure you get the maximum return and value.

For our clients, we are currently working off a benchmark of £4 in margin for every £1 cost.

Conclusion | Benefits Of Using A Digital Agency

Working with a digital agency gives your business an edge over your competitors. Digital marketing can seem scary. But the benefits of using a digital agency are that it doesn’t have to be. They can guide you in this ever changing digital landscape, making making sure your business takes advantage of the outstanding capacity digital marketing has to generate leads online and get you more sales.

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