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The digital age is well and truly here and with it comes continuous change – this begs the question, is marketing at trade shows worth it? Technology has revolutionised our lives in so many ways, completely eliminating many things that were standard practise. The business world is no different, with digital marketing driving businesses forward using comprehensive and measurable strategies. So do we still need exhibitions and trade shows when we can view whatever we want and communicate online so easily?

In the modern era of technology, it’s hard to argue a case for yearly trade shows when Google searches, social media, video marketing, streaming content and digital presentations are all at your fingertips with little to no cost. If you are a business owner and about to invest almost your entire marketing budget into a trade show, read on and ask yourself the following questions:

Does it make sense to go?

It isn’t a social event; it’s a business strategy that should bring you a ROI. If your priority isn’t to drive growth for your business and roll up your sleeves and work, then you shouldn’t be going. By not going. Will it save you thousands of pounds that would have been wasted on food and accommodation? Money that could be invested into a digital marketing strategy that guarantees a ROI that you can actually measure.

Can you measure the success of your attendance?

Sure, there may be a few hundred or maybe even a few thousand people attending the exhibition. But do you know exactly how many of those you have reached? Not to mention that your maximum reach is capped to only those who attend. A digital marketing campaign your reach is limitless. There’s also no way to measure interest.

Are you really spending money to save money?

Even if you eliminate the costs of travel, ticketing, food, etc, realistically, how much money do you think you will save through vendors? It could definitely be argued that the amount of time you’ve spent just getting in front of the right people would have been better utilised on negotiating better deals online.

Is there a better way to network?

There’s a small thing called social media, which sole purpose is to interact and network. It is the perfect platform to engage with your audience with the very beneficial bonus of being able to collect and monitor data and any social campaigns. The halls of an exhibition can only hold a few thousand prospects maximum. However, social media allows you to network on a huge scale with people all over the world. At the same time it gives you the data you need to make informed business decisions that are up to date.


So, are trade shows worth it?

The rise of digital marketing does make us question whether trade shows are worth it or not. In all honesty, the necessity of exhibitions is heading the way of the dinosaurs. However, in its place is an opportunity to really drive your business forward – using the power of digital marketing. Unlike an exhibition, digital marketing campaigns are not limited to a one-time event and will continuously adapt to the needs of your business.


Digital marketing for your business

The world of digital marketing may be daunting at first. But, with careful planning, the right tools and expert advice it will most definitely offer you more bang for your buck than an exhibition. Here at AIM Internet we can help you improve your reach and grow your business. In fact, we’ll go above and beyond to help you decide whether or not trade shows are worth itSimply call us on 0870 062 8760 or email us at

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