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At AIM Internet our biggest USP as a Digital Marketing Agency in Birmingham is that we’ve spent the last 25 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We do this by focusing on cost of traffic and we expect to see a 3 to 1 return. Through helping you to develop digital marketing strategies, we drive better, more effective traffic to your website. As well as, deliver growth and margin to your business.

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Furthermore, by focusing on margin you will grow more profitably and can reinvest based on informed and measured data. As a general rule we believe that 2% -10% should be invested wisely as a cost of sale towards your digital marketing strategy. 

Cost of sale drives revenue and profit.

Our team will explore the best avenues for your business each month while following a test and measure process. We are invested in getting to know your business. From this, we can pretty much guarantee a return on investment. As long as you’re measuring then we are able to deliver. 

We can work together and grow your business. 

Why Work With A Digital Marketing Company?

A digital marketing agency is committed to being experts in the industry. Therefore, any new developments, any industry news, tips and tricks, they know. The online world is fast paced with constantly evolving algorithms and updates. 

Did you know that Google released a core update just last week? Do you know how it will impact your strategy moving forward?  

A good digital agency will know this and how to implement it into your current strategy. Additionally, they are experienced in digital marketing, that’s why the right marketing agency is worth its weight in salt. Through testing and measuring, understanding your business and refining your strategy they can execute an effective marketing campaign. One that delivers growth and margin to your business.  

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A digital marketing agency has the combined benefits of a vast range of clients, years of experience and key insights. In addition, they can skyrocket your online business to get the results you want.

When To Think About Working With A Digital Marketing Agency?

There are many reasons to consider teaming up with an agency. For instance, being time poor or having limited understanding of the digital environment. Perhaps you don’t have an online presence at all. Or maybe you just need to iron out the wrinkles of an already existing strategy. That’s the beauty of an agency. They can help you figure out what’s needed for your business in order for it to grow profitably.

Working With AIM Internet

AIM Internet’s directors have worked in Marketing for over 35 years. As a leading digital marketing agency in Birmingham, we have a wealth of wisdom to inject into your business. With over 24 years experience we have been testing and measuring to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So, when it comes to getting right for you, we never fail. 

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With experience working at European board level and market leading companies such as Esso, American Express, Royal Sun Alliance, BT and Hewlett-Packard AIM Internet’s skillset is invaluable. Get in touch today to see how we grow your business with an effective online marketing strategy.


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