Cut Digital Marketing Costs With Access To Growth Funding

Did you know as well as providing expert digital marketing advice; we could help you cut digital marketing costs too? For the time being, Grant funding remains in place that could help your business grow and which we could help you to access.

If you’re a B2B business you could qualify for a combination of grant funding, r&d tax credits and corporation tax reductions can mean up to 50% off digital marketing costs and boost your company’s growth.

We are looking to help businesses in the following local counties to access this type of growth funding. If your business is based in any of the locations below, you could qualify:

  • Herefordshire
  • Shropshire
  • Staffordshire
  • West Midlands
  • Worcestershire

Cut Digital Marketing Costs And Gain Expertise

As a skilled digital agency, we know how to guide SME’s in using proven digital marketing strategies to drive growth and profitability. We will meet with you and discuss the best way to move forwards. We’ll identify the areas in your business that can generate the best return on investment. And, our access to funding means we could help you to cut digital marketing costs.

Digital marketing can seem like a leap of faith if it’s traditionally something your business has never invested in. And, businesses that have dabbled but perhaps haven’t seen any real benefits may be sceptical about its benefits. That’s where AIM Internet are different – we take a strategic approach to digital marketing, using our proven 7-step formula and test-and-measure approach to help you cut digital marketing costs by selling more online, more profitably. We’re certainly not just about selling you pretty web design.

If you think your business could benefit and you’d like to find out whether you could qualify for help to cut digital marketing costs, then our company director and funding expert Sarah is waiting to hear from you. You can contact her on 0870 062 8760.

We look forward to hearing from you.

*Subject to status and grant rules.

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