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Columnist Myles Anderson shares key stats from BrightLocal’s most recent annual SMB Internet Marketing Survey for digital marketing companies.

In October-November, we (BrightLocal) conducted our annual SMB Internet Marketing Survey.

This is an online survey of businesses with 1-50 employees in which we ask them about their attitudes and use of internet marketing, mobile marketing and marketing services. We ran the survey in conjunction with, and we received 736 complete survey responses.

Ninety-five (95%) of respondents are located in North America (92% U.S.; 3% Canada), primarily because this is where our marketing of the survey was focused.

The following charts represent some of the key findings of the survey. The full survey results and charts can be viewed on BrightLocal.


Q: How Much Money Do You Allocate To Marketing Your Business Each Month?

SMb Internet Marketing Budget


Key Findings:

  • 70% are spending less than $500 on marketing per month (vs. 73% )
  • 83% are spending less than $1,000 on marketing per month (vs. 85% )
  • Just 16% are spending more than $1,000 on marketing per month (vs. 21% )

There has been little change in the distribution of marketing spend.  The majority of SMBs continue to spend less than $500/month on all their marketing activities, with only a fraction of this allocated to “internet and mobile” (more on this later).

The levels spent vary between industries and also business sizes. We will release some further data/charts comparing industries, but we have analyzed Company Size vs. Marketing Budget, and there is a clear, if unsurprising, correlation here:


Company Size vs Marketing Budget

Q: What % Of Your Marketing Budget Is Spent On Internet Or Mobile Marketing?


spend on internet marketing


Key Findings:

  • 34% allocate less than 10% of their marketing budget to online channels (vs. 33%)
  • 50% allocate less than 30% of their marketing budget to online channels (vs. 49%)
  • 29% allocate more than 70% of their marketing budget to online channels (vs. 28%)


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