What Are Proven Marketing Tips For Any E-commerce Business?

So you’re keeping in the game of all things digital, and you’re up to speed with e-commerce businesses. But now what? How do you get people through the door, so to speak? AIM Internet wanted to share some proven marketing tips for e-commerce companies.

E-commerce Businesses Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of producing blog articles, videos, photos, infographics, or any other form of content. The aim is to appeal to your target audience and attract visitors to your website.

A Content Strategy

You can’t just put any old thing out there though; this is the voice of your brand. It’s essential that you have a digital marketing strategy. In order to put a plan in place you have to understand your target audience. How old are they? What are their interests? What content will add value to their life?

Once you know whom you’re targeting, the next step is to plan your posts. They need to be consistent in tone of voice and delivery; this builds trust between the brand and consumer. E-commerce businesses are not a walk in the park.

Make Sure You Measure

Once you’ve got your strategy sorted and you’re regularly producing quality content for your e-commerce businesses, the next thing to do is measure how well it’s working.  By using Google Analytics you can see which articles, images, videos etc generated the most traffic to your site. You can then measure which of those led to conversions.

Mailing List

For an e-commerce business, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

If you have a visitor on your website and they don’t buy from you, the next best thing is to capture their email address. A simple and effective way to do that is to offer something in exchange for the visitor’s email address. e.g. ‘Sign up and get 10% off your next order’.

Another good technique is to incorporate a sign-up option at the end of your blog posts. If they enjoy reading your blog, they’ll sign up to receive more content from you.

Using Your Mailing List

You should be aiming for one email a week, here are a few tried and tested ideas:

  • Promote new or upcoming products
  • Offer discounts or promote sales
  • Send out relevant articles from your blog

Take inspiration from content you enjoy, and as yourself why you like it.

Social Media

Social media is your best friend as an e-commerce business. It can have a huge impact on sales and can expose your brand better than any other marketing method. If you do a good job, your customers will promote your company for you.

Where To Start

It’s important to narrow down which social platform you’re going to use. To do this, you need to know where your target audience hangs out online. If they spend all their time on Snapchat, there’s no point wasting time and money on Facebook marketing.

What Should You Be Posting?

Similarly, you need to understand your customer to know what it is they’re going to respond to. Your social media strategy will be closely tied into your content marketing strategy. Also remember not to overload people with promotional content. As a guideline, only 20% should be salesy. Instead, inform and entertain your target audience.

Pay-per Click Advertising / Google AdWords

Paid advertising is not always the first option for new businesses, as it requires a fat wallet. But, if you have the funds, it can be a great way to generate sales.

How It Works

Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts are audience-targeted ads, typically shown in search listings and on social media websites. If someone clicks on your ad, they get taken to your website and you get charged a fee.

A big advantage of PPC is that once it’s all set up correctly, and you’re generating a return on your investment, you can simply ramp up your ad spend to increase your revenue. The problem is, it’s difficult unless you know what you’re doing.

Managing Your Ad Campaigns

Running pay-per-click marketing is a time-consuming and complicated process.

If you plan on running your own campaigns it would be advisable to spend plenty of time researching best practice and familiarising yourself with the keyword bidding process. It’s very easy to lose a lot of money, very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t have the time to invest in doing your homework we’re advise using a digital agency, like AIM Internet, who know what they are doing.

At AIM Internet, digital marketing agency, can help e-commerce companies grow. If you need any assistance with e-commerce marketing, please email us: info@aiminternet.co.uk or call today on 0870 062 8760.

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