What’s the Difference Between a Lead Generation Agency and a Marketing Agency?

Summary. AIM Internet, a digital marketing and lead generation agency, specializes in expanding brand reach and increasing lead quantity. They differentiate between lead generation and digital marketing agencies, focusing on generating quality leads and executing comprehensive marketing strategies for sustainable business growth.


When developing your brand or business, it is critical to broaden your brand reach in order to boost the quantity of leads coming in. It is quite tough to convert sales without qualified leads or prospects that are really interested in your product or service.

Both lead generation and digital marketing agencies can assist you in getting your brand in front of the right audience to generate more qualified leads. But each agency type serves a slightly different function. And knowing which is best for your business goals can mean the difference between success and wasting your time and money.

We’ll look at each agency and the sorts of services they offer to help you decide which type is the greatest fit for your brand goals.

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a lead generation agency and a marketing agency is, here’s your answer:

What is a lead generation agency?

A lead generation agency will collect and compile consumer data before delivering it to businesses in need of fresh leads.

This sort of company will employ a whole host of strategies to generate leads. Then they will rank and qualify them depending on their warmth or amount of engagement with your brand.

These leads are typically accumulated through:

  • Social media marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Targeted landing pages

While it may be tempting (and cheaper!) to only collate audience statistics, that data is unlikely to be of much use. A focused plan is required to obtain authentic leads, which the right agency will be able to help you with.

A good lead generating company will be able to assist you in establishing a lead nurturing programme that pushes customers through the sales funnel, from the awareness stage to the buying stage.

What is a marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a company that serves various clients in one or more areas of marketing, all in an effort to help them achieve their business goals. Most of a marketing agency’s functions can be placed into three fundamental categories:

  1. Identifying marketing opportunities that align with your business goals
  2. Executing marketing strategies and tactics
  3. Measuring and analysing the performance of marketing strategies and tactics

Great marketing agencies employ a team of diverse experts that will help you with all the marketing goals, strategies, and tactics you’d like to accomplish. For example a marketing agency might:

  • Perform market research
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Develop branding
  • Perform SEO
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Create Email and social media marketing strategies
  • Develop content marketing strategies
  • Conduct public relations

A digital marketing agency will also help you identify your target demographic and their pain points. Therefore, allowing you to pitch your brand as the solution to their problem.

However, a marketing agency’s core purpose is growth, in whichever metric you want to focus on. It can be anything from more brand exposure and recognition, increased traffic and leads to more new customers, better retention of existing customers, or increased revenue and sales.

What’s the difference between a lead generation agency and a marketing agency?

Lead generation agencies and digital marketing agencies can often overlap in what they offer. But the fundamental distinction between them is in their overall aims.

A lead generation company will attempt to swiftly supply prospects to your sales team. But a digital marketing agency may deliver leads while remaining more focused on overall marketing goals.

Speedy Growth or Playing the Long Game

Consider the contrasts between these agency kinds in terms of a timeframe. Lead generation is a quick, short-term option for speedy growth, whereas, a digital marketing agency plays a longer game.

A lead generation service will purchase a large number of advertisements. After that, they will direct visitors to your landing pages gathering visitor information and providing qualified sales leads. This might offer you an immediate lift. However, without a dramatic adjustment in approach, these methods might plateau and offer declining benefits over time. And the leads will dry up as soon as you stop paying for the advertising.

A marketing agency will devote more attention to developing a self-sustaining system. For example, implementing an effective SEO strategy to drive more organic search traffic to your website. This might be through writing and uploading relevant blogs, product guides, and tutorials, among other things. This form of evergreen content can drive visitors back to your website and keep them engaged with your company.

Types of Leads

Another significant distinction between these two sorts of organisations is the types of leads they return.

A lead generating agency will concentrate on the sorts of leads they acquire. They will frequently call prospects to manually check, categorise, or qualify them before sending them on to your sales team so that all that is required is a follow-up or tailored pitch.

A marketing agency will often automate this process. Moreover, producing prospects who may or may not be interested in your product or service. This form of automation has the advantage of being simple to scale up as traffic and leads increase.

Both agencies can produce demonstrable results, and the path you take will be determined by your exacting company goals.

Choose AIM Internet for the Best of Both

But what if you didn’t have to pick between a lead generating agency and a digital marketing agency?

AIM Internet takes pride in being digital marketing AND lead generation experts. We use cutting-edge methods and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help your business thrive, expand, and scale. We will examine your business and provide advice adapted to your specific needs.

If you want something more than a cookie-cutter approach to growth, collaborating with an agency like AIM Internet is the way to reach your ideal audience and beat the competition!

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