Web Marketing Agency Or In-House Team?

Is it better to do your digital marketing in-house or partner with a digital agency? This is a question we get asked over and over and it’s an important question for every business to consider. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. It may be that a combination of the two, that works best for your business. However, here at AIM Internet, digital marketing agency based in Birmingham, we can tell you there are a few benefits to using a web marketing agency.


Web Marketing Agency Benefits

Our Digital Agency in Birmingham have made a list of some of the reasons why hiring a web marketing agency can be beneficial.


1. Wider Skill Set

One of the biggest benefits to using a digital agency like ourselves is that we have an entire team. We are specialised, experienced professionals. Therefore, working on your marketing strategy, would cost significantly less than it would cost to build that same team in-house. As a small business you may not have enough work or sufficient funds to hire the number of skilled employees it would take to get the job done. So, working with a web marketing agency offers you access to developers. As well as, SEO experts, design specialists, content gurus, social media buffs and more. Partnering with a digital marketing agency like AIM, brings those skills to the table without any additional investment. Having such a vast range of skills at your company’s disposal also makes it easier to diversify your marketing efforts.


2. Experience Access To Advanced Tools

At AIM Internet, we have a wide skillset on board as a digital marketing agency. However, our team also has a great depth of experience. Each member of our team is a specialist in a particular area. Whereas, in-house marketers often adapt to be a jack-of-all-trades master of none, in order to cover all of the company’s needs. Our web marketing agency in Birmingham, also has access to a vast number of tools and resources. These usually aren’t practical to have for only one company or that are exclusive to industry professionals.


3. Cost Saving (Yes, You Read It Right!)

As mentioned before, it’s considerably cheaper to work with an agency rather than bring on a full in-house team. A full in-house group requires significant overhead. This includes, salaries, benefits, office space, equipment, training, recruiting, and more. So, although outlay may seem pricey, an online marketing agency is usually the most cost effective solution for high-quality marketing campaigns.

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4. Accountability

As a successful web marketing agency, it makes sense that we are results driven; after all, our prosperity is directly linked to yours. We are accountable for the growth of your business. Therefore, to make sure this happens we gather accurate, insightful data to strategically plan your marketing campaign. Analysing and reporting is crucial to making informed decisions on how best to proceed. In addition, assessing which channels are delivering the best results for your business.


5. Flexibility

The flexibility of working with a digital marketing agency is another key benefit. It means as a business you can ramp up engagement or campaigns as and when you need and slow them down just the same.


6. Creativity & Objectivity

Finally, a great advantage – one that is of great value to a business – is an agencies ability to offer not just creativity, but objectivity too. As an outsider looking in we are not influenced by internal affairs. Additionally, we can see more clearly what the business needs.


Web Marketing Agency In Birmingham

There are a many advantages to having a web marketing agency work with your business. If you’re interested in working us, call 0870 062 8760. Or, email us at info@aiminternet.co.uk. Our digital marketing team in Birmingham want to help grow your business. We can offer you expert advice in web design Birmingham, SEO Birmingham, content and more.

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