B2B Brand Management: Do You Need It?

Summary. Exploring the realms of B2B brand management and the significance of B2B brand marketing, the blog underscores that effective branding transcends mere design, impacting perception and customer experience. It elaborates on how astute branding in the B2B domain elevates visibility, fosters loyalty, and enhances sales.


Gone are the days consumer-based companies were the only companies to execute brand management and marketing strategies. With the evolution of brand management and consumer behaviour itself, branding and online marketing has now expanded far beyond just B2C industries. Here at AIM Internet, as a leading digital marketing agency in Birmingham, we’ve worked with a wealth of B2B businesses and witnessed the success and business growth that branding and digital marketing can deliver.

What is branding?

Branding should not be confused with design. Business branding is more than just a logo refresh or a shiny new website. Branding is the experience and perception of your business you create for your prospective customers. When done right, branding will motivate prospective customers to invest in your product or service.

Every touchpoint in the sales funnel offers an opportunity for you to build your brand. Utilising these opportunities will help more customers reach the end of the funnel, building trust and emotional connections that keep them loyal to your brand every time.

Does a B2B company need branding and marketing?

Branding is still a relatively new concept for B2B companies. However despite this, 77% of B2B companies say that branding is crucial for growing their business. It’s easy to assume that due to a B2B company selling services/products that are “needed” as opposed to “wanted”, branding isn’t necessary. However, your business is likely to be surrounded by many competitors all claiming to do the same thing you do with similar pricing – so how do you persuade a customer to invest in your business and not someone else’s? Branding.

The evolution of brand management and expectations that consumers now have has led to a demand for crucial distinguishing factors for B2B companies. Branding really has become a pivotal part of a sales and marketing strategy, and we know it’s here to stay.

Why does my B2B company need brand management?

B2B buyers are people. Just like B2C buyers. What we know about consumers (people) is that they are emotional. Brands connect with consumers on an emotional level, by stimulating the part of their brain which triggers an emotional reaction. By doing so, your brand builds a memorable connection; you become more than just a business.

B2B Branding Advantages

Increased Visibility:

A strong brand can help businesses stand out from their competitors, making it more visible to potential customers.

Increased Brand Loyalty:

Customers that have a great experience with your brand are going to remember and resonate with your brand more. This increases the likelihood of them coming back to your business should they need your services or products again. Delivering a great experience also increases your credibility, thus making it more likely for customers to recommend your business to others.

Improved Sales:

As a result of the above, branding can help to improve sales. Increasing visibility and brand loyalty will ultimately lead to customers continuing to buy your products/services.

Looking for a brand management agency?

If you’re looking for brand management for your business, get in touch with AIM Internet today. With decades of experience (we’re older than Google!) and expertise, we can carve out a B2B brand strategy that will support your business for years to come.

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