8 Brutally Honest Reasons Your Company Needs An Adwords Agency

As a small business owner with limited budgets, tackling PPC advertising on your own might be something you’re considering. As company owners ourselves, we understand. Managing costs and protecting your bottom-line is always at the forefront of any business decisions you take. However, dabbling with PPC advertising on Google’s Adwords platform is best left to a qualified Adwords agency if you want the best results, like our Adwords agency in Birmingham.


PPC Advertising can Bring Immediate Value

Pay-per-click advertising via Adwords can bring immense and immediate value to your SME (small medium enterprise) by helping your website get found, quickly, on Google. Search Engine Optimisation is the other side of the coin, but is a gradual process. Sometimes you need more immediate results. This is where PPC comes in.

But, you need technical know-how to make PPC work.


Keeping Up to Date

In the digital world, relatively little stays the same for long. When it comes to managing your business and keeping ahead of Google’s ever changing algorithms it can be difficult to keep up if you’re not immersed in it.

Does your in-house member of staff have Google Partner status? Do they have the latest knowledge? Our word of advice about going it alone would be: don’t. For your SME to succeed at Adwords, whoever is running your campaigns needs to be skilled at managing the platform. In many cases, it can cost you less to hire an Adwords agency than it would be to launch and run your own campaign.

Here are eight reasons why it’s best to outsource to an Adwords agency who knows their stuff:


1. Keyword research is harder than it appears

Choosing the right keywords for your adverts is imperative to your campaign’s success. Wrong keywords can result in a poor return.

An Adwords agency will have the necessary expertise to ensure the right keywords for your industry are used resulting in a good return on your Adwords budget.


2. Bad copy can cost you greatly

An Adwords agency has the expertise to perform competitor research. They know what to look for when it’s comes to analysing quality copy and studying your competitors so that they can produce ads that they know will work. With PPC, every word counts so you can’t afford to mess up.


3. An Adwords agency will know how to analyse data

PPC campaigns deliver back a lot of data. To use this information effectively, you need to know what you’re doing with it. You can maximise your campaign and improve ROI with it. Do you know how to track your sales and discover where they are coming from? Adwords agencies will be proficient in analysing which keywords and ads are most effective. They’ll then put that data to use by tweaking things to improve conversion and ROI.


4. Understanding PPC can be like learning a whole new language

If you’re doubting this one, do this quick test:

  • Do you understand the difference between Impressions, Views and Hits?
  • Know what retargeting is?
  • Do you understand what CPM, CPC and CPA mean?

Anyone can Google the definitions but to really understand their significance takes time and experience.


5. Configuring Adwords is complicated and confusing

A wrong setting can cost you when it comes to configuring Adwords. To ensure the best exposure possible and a quality ROI, you have to consider many aspects such as geographic, networks, budget, campaign level…

An Adwords agency will already have the necessary expertise to make sure this is done correctly.


6. Your landing page needs to be relevant

Running successful PPC ads isn’t quite as simple as paying up and watching your website traffic grow.

Once you’ve got the traffic, it needs to convert.

Ensuring your landing page is relevant will save you money on lost conversions. PPC agencies will be able to test to see what works best for you.


7. Experience counts

You can’t put a price on experience. PPC management companies will have years of practical trial and error behind them. All this knowledge can be applied to your campaign.

Plus, by the very nature of their business, Adwords agencies will have worked with clients across different industries. Learning gleaned from someone in a similar industry can be used to know exactly what will work for your own company’s campaign.


8. Does your company really have the resource to do PPC in-house?

Staying abreast of Google’s constant changes is a full time job in itself – which is why PPC experts charge a fee for their services. As a small business owner, ask yourself whether you can really dedicate the required time in order to achieve a successful campaign.

What makes PPC an attractive marketing tool is its ability to deliver outstanding ROI. But knowing how to do that requires in-depth knowledge which extends beyond just the advertising platform. You pay for every click, so you need to make sure you are getting the right people to click on the right ads.

Not doing so results in lost leads and lost revenue.

Do you really want to get that wrong?


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