5 Need To Know Benefits of PPC Marketing

There are many benefits of PPC, and here at AIM Internet, we can help your business reap them. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing has many benefits, it also has the statistics to back it up. Did you know that 40% of all clicks on Google SERPs go to the top three listed sites? And 65 percent of all clicks made by users intending to make a purchase go to paid ads (Wordstream). That’s a lot of business coming your way if you make it to the top of the search engine results. Pay per click marketing is a very successful marketing strategy, so there’s no wonder 40% of businesses want to increase their PPC advertising budget.

Not only is PPC lucrative, it offers quick results. It works harmoniously with other online marketing strategies and it provides helpful user data for you to monopolise. PPC advertising isn’t for everyone, but everyone should at least know the benefits of including it in their digital marketing strategy. 

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5 Benefits Of PPC Marketing

1. Fast Results

One of the most popular benefits of PPC is the fact that you can achieve fast results. Whether you’re just starting out or simply need to boost website traffic PPC can be a very effective marketing channel. With the right help, PPC campaigns can be set up quickly with little optimisation and instant results. Organic SEO can be more of a long game (although still extremely important). However, PPC can get you to the top of search results very quickly. Google reports that search ads (PPC advertising) can boost brand awareness by as much as 80%, with consumers more likely to remember and engage with your brand. In comparison to other marketing methods such as SEO, organic social and email marketing, PPC gives your business the opportunity to be found by potential customers who might not already be aware of your brand. 


2. Data Data Data 

There’s nothing marketers like more than useful data. Another benefit of PPC is that it is easy to measure, making it easy to track performance. Therefore ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. By using Google Ads and Google Analytics to monitor your campaign you can guarantee performance. You can track impressions, clicks and conversions, determining exactly which campaigns or ads are delivering a good ROI. You’ll also be able to see which ones need tweaking. Having these statistics gives you a real time update, which means ineffective campaigns can be adjusted immediately. 


3. We Repeat… Data Data Data

All that data not only helps you optimise your PPC account but it can also help you make strategic decisions about future campaigns, products or services. Useful data is invaluable when it comes to SEO strategy. By analysing search terms and those driving traffic, clicks and conversions you can use this information to target long-tail keywords within your SEO strategy and content optimisation. High quality and well-performing PPC Ad copy can be used to optimise SEO meta-data, which will boost your rankings for consequently helping to high-value terms. 


4. Targeted Advertising

Google Ads allows you to target a specific audience using keywords or interests relevant to them. PPC also gives you the opportunity to test your ads across a particular audience base to determine what works best for your brand. You can hone in on demographics, locations – whether that’s locally or worldwide, along with different times of the day that perform best for your potential customers. As we mentioned earlier, one of the greatest benefits of PPC advertising is the ability to reach a whole new potential audience, as well as those who are already familiar with your brand.  Another benefit of PPC is remarketing. By targeting those people who have already shown interest in your product or service you can generate more conversions. If a user has already visited your product or service chances are they are coming to the end of the buying funnel, this is the perfect time to recapture their interest. 


5. Budget Control

Google Adwords gives you full transparency when it comes to your budget. You can see exactly how much you are spending and measure it against your ROI. You can amend your campaign daily, weekly or monthly in accordance with your budget. By analysing the data captured you can evaluate how effective your campaigns or Ads are, which essentially means you can see how your budget is performing. You have complete control to spend as much or as little as you want with immediate effect. PPC advertising has proven to be a reliable and lucrative marketing channel for businesses worldwide. If you’re looking for quick, quality traffic and conversions PPC Ads are the way forward. Knowing all the benefits PPC has to offer, there’s little risk in giving it a go to see how it can drive traffic and deliver valuable data for your business.  

Not sure if PPC is right for your business? Get in touch with AIM Internet today and see how we can help grow your business with the benefits of PPC.  

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