PPC Revenue At The Click Of A Button: The Do’s And Don’ts Of PPC Marketing

PPC Revenue – How Does It Work?

(PPC) Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most popular types of digital marketing used worldwide. So it makes sense if you’re looking for a PPC management company in Birmingham. Its high success rate is down to the simplicity behind the strategy which almost guarantees new visitors to your website.

PPC is an effective way to gain brand awareness as your website is going to be one of the first links to appear in somebody’s search results. It is a fast way of gaining website traffic without having to use timely and often costly strategies in order to do so. Although you are paying a fee per click of the advertisement, the fee is small in comparison to how much PPC revenue can be generated; making it a worthwhile digital marketing technique.

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However, although the idea is simple, there are some important do’s and don’ts to remember if you are going to use PPC through Google Adwords to market your business. Continue reading for our top PPC marketing tips:

Do’s and Don’ts of PPC Marketing

1. Do your research.

The key to successfully driving PPC revenue is ensuring your keywords are relevant to your target audience. Perform extensive research before starting the process and make sure you are confident that your target audience will be searching your chosen keywords.

2. Don’t just choose the most searched keywords.

Words that are searched the most may seem like the ideal choice for your advertisement, however many other competitors will be thinking the same thing- which means more advertisers, more competition and potentially more money to pay out.

3. Do use the Conversion Tracking function on Adwords.

Using this setting will enable you to gain a strong insight into exactly how your campaign is impacting your sales. You will also be able to have a clear view of what keywords and ads are generating the best PPC revenue and website traffic for your business.

4. Don’t pick generic words.

Not only are more common words more expensive, but they may not even drive traffic to your website. People are becoming much more specific when searching for a certain topic on Google, and longer and more precise phrases are searched for instead of a general keyword.

5. Do ensure your landing page and the rest of your website is aesthetically pleasing from the first click.

If people do click on your advertisement, they want to see something which appeals to them straightaway. Make sure your website is looking as professional as possible and catches customer’s eyes instantly. The landing page needs to look slick, attractive, and enticing for new website users so they do not lose interest, but want to explore your site further.

6. Don’t abandon your PPC campaign.

PPC is successful when the campaign itself and the feedback, is closely monitored and not just forgotten about. Tracking and monitoring your campaign will ensure you have the ability to adjust or improve anything which might not be working your advertisement.

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