SEO Blogs: Increasing Your Website’s Prominence

As the technological world continues to develop, its uses and purposes also expand. Therefore, businesses are now relying on the Internet. As well as other online platforms more than ever, to promote and market their brands. Our SEO Marketing Agency based in the West Midlands is here to help you better understand how to increase your company’s SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a strategy used to ensure a website is gaining maximum prominence through major search engines. Using a series of repeated (when relevant) words and phrases in relation to the business or brand you are trying to promote. An SEO Marketing Agency would often do this on the website through blogs or articles. 

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SEO Blogs And Keywords

SEO blogs are a convenient way to implement SEO content into your website. For example, if your company specialises in selling personalised stationary. An SEO blog, featuring articles related to product examples, would be a perfect opportunity to implement SEO onto your website. You would use keywords and phrases, for instance: ‘personalised’, ‘personalised pencils’ and ‘personalised stationary sets’. They are ideal to use within your article, as they are relevant phrases, which people will search for in search engines such as Google. Therefore, increasing your SEO and consequently increasing traffic and sales. 

Google has two main jobs, which enable us to search webpages with ease. Google creates an index of all the webpages on the World Wide Web, and answering user’s queries. The index is created to make answering queries faster. Nowadays we expect no more than a two second gap between searching for something and Google providing the answer. Additionally, this smooth operation is down to the categorised index of webpages. The ‘answers’- the results of your search – are usually provided in order of relevance and popularity.

Where Does SEO Come In?

SEO is designed to help influence the relevance and popularity of a webpage. This is in the hope of making the webpage appear more prominent in search results. So to increase prominence, it is important to have a website with high-quality and relevant SEO. When a user is searching for an item or a service which your company can provide, your website will appear in their search results. Therefore, increasing website traffic and brand awareness.

The existence of SEO within a company website can be the make or break of your company’s success in the digital marketing industry. Put simply, if your website is not appearing in people’s search results, your website will not be gaining many new users. Therefore, decreasing the potential revenue for your brand. Website traffic is vital to successfully market a brand online. In addition, with the help of SEO blogs, your brand will be hitting the top search engine results in no time.

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