Marketing For A Technology Company: Going Green

When executed well, marketing can transform the power of any business. However, society is becoming increasingly aware that we humans, ourselves, are the major driver behind climate change. With this in mind, consumer behaviour is changing. Green marketing strategies are the way forward. Whether it’s marketing for a technology company, an e-commerce store, or an engineering company, it’s pivotal that whatever approach you go for, it must help to make the world a better place.

Why Should Marketing Go Green? 

We hold ourselves and businesses accountable more and more every day for the carbon footprints created. The result of this is that we as customers are becoming more picky, when deciding where to invest our money. Rightfully so, we are conscious of increasing our carbon footprint. Therefore, consumers want to invest in businesses with the same values and the same goals to (at the very least) work towards a more sustainable future.

Is Green Marketing Possible For B2B?

AIM Internet is a leading digital marketing agency that provides marketing services for B2B technology, manufacturing and engineering companies. Consequently, we understand the power that corporate social responsibility (CSR) has on modern marketing. A company’s values help shape the decision making of a customer, and sustainability must be at the forefront of these values.

It’s a common misconception that green marketing can only be applied to businesses selling specific products. This is not the case. Read on to find out about green marketing strategies that can be applied to most companies – including the marketing for a SaaS or technology company.

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Set Green Milestones 

Build the foundations for your sustainable business by drawing up a statement that recognises and highlights your goals to be more green as a business. You can establish your vision and even provide information about your carbon footprint now. As well as, where you intend to be in the future.

What Does A Sustainability Statement Achieve? 

Releasing this sustainability statement to the public cements the start of your journey. Public statements open the door to accountability which means you’ll be demonstrating your commitment to doing better.

Updating the public with new figures and facts about your carbon footprint and the progress you are making keeps you driven towards change. But, it also builds trust and confidence in your company.

Collaborating With Other Like-Minded Organisations

Green alliances allow you to work with other organisations with the shared goal of reducing or offsetting your carbon emissions. From local communities groups through to government-led initiatives, green alliances can enhance the credibility of your strategy.

Take Part In Global Campaigns 

Documenting your involvement in campaigns like Earth Hour is another way to show your existing and prospective customers that you care. Let the world know your plans to participate, encourage others to do it too and spread awareness. By doing so, you can further position your company as one that actively supports environmental efforts. As a result you can appeal to other people who have similar values.

Encourage your employees to go green 

Getting your employees involved in sustainability efforts is extremely important in the road to becoming eco-conscious.

How To Encourage Employees To Be More Eco-Conscious

  • Cut down single use plastics in the workplace
  • Ditch the paper when possible
  • Encourage carpooling and bike/walk to work schemes

Get Started On Your Green Strategy Today 

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