How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency 

Every now and then it’s important to take time to reflect and consider making changes that will bring positive results. As a business, one such area that requires continuous consideration is the digital marketing and SEO strategy. As the industry is always changing it’s important you keep up and make sure your current tactics are successfully driving organic traffic and conversions.

With 5.6 billion searches a day on Google, having a visible presence on the world’s largest search engine is essential no matter what business you’re in. That being said, not every business will have the in-house capacities to build and implement an effective SEO strategy, which is why many companies enlist the help of digital marketing agencies.

Whether you’re just embarking on a new journey in search of the right digital marketing agency or are looking for a new agency to work with, there are several factors you have to consider. Take a look at how to choose the right SEO expert and digital marketing agency for your business.


What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Online marketing helps you drive more sales by using various strategies to attract customers and improve your online presence.

Digital marketing agencies will sometimes specialise in a particular area however, the majority offer the below services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 
  • Remarketing
  • Google Ads (PPC)
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design

An online marketing agency will work with you to create an effective digital marketing strategy that boosts your online visibility and sales. At AIM Internet, we are a leading digital marketing agency based in Wyre Forest and the West Midlands, specialising in all the above.  

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Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

We’ve written previously on the benefits of using a digital agency and what a digital agency can do for you. Here’s a quick summary of the advantages working with a an agency such as ours can have for your business: 

  1. Working with a digital marketing agency can cut business costs. A digital agency has access to a host of expensive tools so by outsourcing your marketing efforts you’ll instantly have access to these too. Additionally, an agency will have people with skills across all marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website Design and Content, which would be expensive to have all in-house. 
  2. People within agencies are industry experts, therefore keep up to date with all the latest marketing trends, SEO updates, algorithm updates and everything in between. Our experts know exactly what will work for your business and will ensure you’re up to date with the latest best practice and your competition.
  3. Frees up time for you to focus on your business while the agency focuses on your digital marketing strategy. 
  4. It’s helpful to gain fresh insight around your business from people on the outside. New ideas and new strategies lead the way for increased growth and brand reputation. Working with an agency to increase  impressions and conversions, your business can reach the levels of growth.


Do You Need A New Digital Marketing Agency?

If you’re currently working with a digital agency but are thinking about what could be done better, perhaps we can help. 

As mentioned earlier, it might just be time for a fresh outlook on your business. An agency might have delivered results when they first came on board, but maybe their strategies aren’t working for your business anymore. If you’re considering a change, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the agency delivering on your objectives?
  • Are you seeing the ROI you would like?
  • Do you enjoy working with the agency?

If you answered no to any of these questions it might be time to switch agencies.


Signs It’s Time To Part Ways

Are you unsure about switching to a new agency? If so, then look out for any of the following signs.


Your Agency Isn’t Transparent

Being open and honest brings trust between two parties. Do you get clear reporting? Can you talk to your account manager over the phone when you need to? Your agency should regularly update you on campaign performance, trends, budget spend, additional costs, etc. A good agency can clearly show you how they have used your investment and the results of this. No strategic plan


No Strategic Plan

Every SEO agency should have a strategic plan on how they intend to improve your current rankings and key marketing metrics. Do you have the following information from your agency?

  • How do they intend to establish authority for your business within the industry?
  • What strategy will they use to improve user experience to drive visitors through the marketing funnel?
  • Do your SEO objectives fit in with the overall brand vision? 
  • How will they get your business on the first page of the results? 
  • Do they have a content strategy to drive keyword and traffic growth?


The Agency Doesn’t Meet Your Business Needs

For an effective digital marketing strategy, an agency must first understand your business goals. To successfully increase bottom line and drive quality traffic and conversions they must be on board with your brand vision and delivering the results you want to see.  

When an agency fully understands your brand it will shine through in the content they produce for you. Your target audience will expect to arrive on your site and find clear, easy-to-digest content that answers any questions they might have, in line with your brand voice. 

Here are a few questions you need to ask when analysing your website content: 

  • Does my content provide authentic, quality information?
  • Is it clear from the offset what the user will find on each page? 
  • Is my content engaging / useful / informative?
  • Would you be happy to put your name to the content?


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If you’re looking to work with the right digital marketing agency either for the first time or to make a change, AIM Internet is ready and waiting to work with you. Based in Wyre Forest and the West Midlands, our digital marketing agency will help build a personalised strategy, to deliver the return on investment you want to see. Find out how we can help grow your business by contacting us today.

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