Business Questions You Need To Be Asking To Protect Your Wallet!

If you are the owner of a business in Solihull or elsewhere, it’s likely that you get bombarded by digital marketing agencies for remarketing. They give you propositions left, right and centre. Usually all offering very appealing results: “In six months, we will have your website ranking for all relevant keywords in your industry.” With promises like that it’s hard not to buy into what they’re selling. However, often you will see an initial growth period followed by a very disappointing drop in performance.

The Internet has turned into the most powerful and significant marketing medium of our time. It’s certainly essential to any business, but getting it right can also be the hardest challenge of our time. These demands for increased online visibility has opened up a whole new market that many people don’t have understanding of. Unfortunately this means that sometimes businesses can be take advantage of.

At AIM Internet, our remarketing agency based in Solihull wanted to give you a few tips on digital agencies. In this blog you will read how you can gauge whether the digital agency you’re using is actually beneficial to you. As well as, deliver maximum return on investment (ROI).


1. Using Links Incorrectly

Using links incorrectly can be extremely damaging to your brand. It’s amazing how long it takes to build a brand compared to how quickly you can destroy it. However, many online marketing companies build their entire sell around the use of links. This can be really tricky because having a strong linking profile is still extremely important for ranking in Google. But, anything that can give a website a boost in the organic results will be exploited by digital marketing agencies. That means you’re going to need to protect yourself.

Here are two key things to look out for:

– Company not showing you exact URLs of work

– Posting content to irrelevant websites


2. Business: Are you being mislead about Content? 

Content is King when it comes to your marketing strategy. The more unique, informative content you can populate your website with the better. But there is one big catch, it has to be relevant and add value to the users life. Pointless drivel for the sake of uploading content is exactly that, pointless drivel.

Below are a few differentiators to watch out for:

Quantity vs. Quality

As mentioned above, content must add value. It isn’t a case of writing any old thing for the sake of publishing a post. So if that’s not what the agency is telling you, you need to steer clear. Reliable and helpful content is a must.

Unique Content

A website will always perform better if the content that’s shared or published is unique. Original content will add value to your site and your customers. Duplicate content will be penalised. Copying content from somewhere else is a quick fix solution, not a long term one.

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3. How To Know Which Agency To Use?

When it comes to choosing the right digital agency, one thing really does matter. Do they practice what they reach? A lot of marketing companies (surprisingly) don’t live by their own rules. Now surely if their strategy is so good, it’s common sense to take advantage of its benefits for your own business, right?

Here are just a few questions to think about when making your decision:

  • What does their content marketing look like?
  • Do they have a blog? Do they post regularly?
  • Does the blog contain relevant and interesting content?
  • Is their website user friendly?
  • Is the website aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does their website show up in the rankings when searching for an agency?
  • Is the company on social media?
  • Are their social media accounts active?
  • Do customers interact with them via social media?

In conclusion, a positive online presence is more important than ever to a business, which means it’s a lucrative industry. Being aware of the basics will help you protect yourself and your business.


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