The Benefits Of Google My Business & Why You Should Take Advantage Of It

There are many benefits of Google My Business and in this day an age it is important to be investing in SEO strategies for your business. Let’s start by taking a look at the process of claiming your business and what the benefits will be.

Begin by searching for your business on Google. If your business is there on the page and is followed by the words “Own This Business” this shows that it is available for you to claim. You should then click on the “Own This Business” link and follow the instructions. You will then have to verify that you own the business before your Google My Business account becomes active. Verifying your business can be done in several ways, by text message, telephone call, email or by post. Doing it online is the obvious and quickest method and can be finalised in minutes. 

Once your Google My Business is verified and becomes active you can begin inputting important information like your location, telephone numbers, email addresses, opening hours etc. the list goes on. You can add content, photographs and reply to any reviews that may have been posted on your business listing. 


Google My Business Profile

An important part of this feature is your Google My Business profile. This is viewable by your consumers and is a great place to showcase what you are selling, special offers, discounts etc. in fact, anything that you want to showcase about your business. An important by product of creating this content is that it plays a role within your SEO by increasing your page rankings. Something to remember though, Google My Business posts are only consumer facing for seven days, it is therefore important that you regularly update your posts. Regular updates will ensure that you remain visible and relevant. 


Benefits Of Google My Business

With plenty of features to utilise, you can see why there are so many benefits of Google My Business. A very useful tool within Google My Business is the Messaging feature which allows you to contact people who are visiting your site. 

Insight is another very useful tool which you can use to see what keywords people are using to find your business on Google. Once you know what these keywords are you can make sure that you include them within your content. Insights will also show you how people are finding you with their searches, and give you information on what they do after the search. Do they visit your site? Call you? Ask for directions? Insight can give you all the answers. Information such as how many phone calls you’ve been getting directly from your profile.

All of this is great information that you can analyse to help improve the content and keywords that you use.


Wyre Forest Google My Business Services

Here at Wyre Forest, we’re experts at using Google My Business as an SEO strategy for business. we keep a close eye on our customer Google Insights so that we can judge what content is driving traffic to the website. This also gives us the ability to adjust our clients Google Ads to include specific keywords that customers are using in their searches. We can also analyse call information and identify call patterns, so that you can have your staff organised to be working during these busier periods. This can save your company money as you will be able to identify your staffing needs and provide an improved customer service.


In Conclusion 

Google My Business is a free service, so it makes sense to take advantage of the benefits it can offer and include it in your digital marketing SEO strategy. After the initial work involved to set it up, it doesn’t take too much effort to maintain. And you have the added bonus of being able to keep a close eye on your reviews, which will help you identify future content and any improvements you can make to your site.

Again, Google My Business is free! It just takes a little bit of time to set up, and then, depending on the number of reviews you receive and how often you want to post, just a short amount of time every week to manage. When you get into a routine with it, it won’t take long to reap the benefits of Google My Business

If you need help with Google My Business, or your marketing strategies in general, get in touch today! AIM Internet would be happy to help.

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