Digital Marketing Plan – 5 Ways To Rise Above The Competition

All companies need a comprehensive digital marketing plan – regardless of the line of their business. AIM Internet, digital marketing agency, have put together 5 top tips which will help you to create a template for your digital marketing plan. 

From retail and consumer products to industrial goods and technology packages, you need online visibility and exposure. It has to be a core part of your digital marketing plan. And if you don’t have one, it is guaranteed your competitors do.

Your digital marketing plan should be more than simply presenting your products on a website and sticking in a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a button. It’s about developing trust in your brand, which then helps to sell your business to the customer. Recently, research has found that more than 80% of customers look at your website before deciding to buy anything, while as many as 60% of your customers check out your social media profiles.

Most worrying of all for businesses, is that almost 55% of customers will hop onto another website if they don’t find those earlier trust points in your brand.

As a modern business you need to shout about your company, your products and your people. These are your key assets and you have to do that through your comprehensive digital marketing plan.  

Digital Marketing Plan – 5 Top Notch Tips:

  1. Websitebuild a top performing website. It’s no longer good enough to cut costs on a simple website that doesn’t deliver your key brand and trust points. A great website is the first impression a customer will have of you, your products and your team. Make them all shine.
  2. Clear landing page – make sure customers understand what you can do for them as soon as they land on your home page. Be clear. Be concise. Tell the customers how you’ll help them. Make it mobile. Don’t skimp on the costs – get a good copywriter to tell the world how good you are. It’s critical for business success.
  3. Social media – make sure you’ve added all the relevant social media channels. Don’t use too many, but ensure you check out the best to suit your business. You’ll probably need Facebook and Twitter as channels for customer engagement. Will you also need Pinterest? Instagram? Snapchat even? Do the research. Find out. Act.
  4. Engage engage engage – with your customers on those social media channels. Show off your expertise, get them to trust your brand. This will help you to stay in front of potential customers, while communicating with your current customers. This is key to building up relationships.
  5. Content is King – make sure you develop a content offering that customers can engage with. You need to elevate yourself above your competitors with lively, engaging content offering insights into your products and business.  Tell stories. Make them laugh. Cry. Act. But keep them coming back for more.

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