How Can Google Remarketing Benefit Your Business?

Remarketing, often also known as retargeting, is a really powerful online marketing technique that can skyrocket your business growth. There are several remarketing platforms available. Google Display Network (GDN) and Facebook are the biggest and therefore offer the greatest reach for your remarketing campaigns.

Consequently, these networks will give you the most bang for your buck.


Advantages Of Google Remarketing

For the purpose of this blog, we’ll specifically cover the advantages of Google remarketing, although there would, of course, be crossovers if using another network.

At our Birmingham based digital marketing agency we mainly run remarketing campaigns for small-medium sized manufacturing businesses. However, don’t look away if your company doesn’t fit this description. The benefits apply to companies of all sizes and sectors.


Google Remarketing Explained In Brief

Standard remarketing through Google Adwords presents your ads to past visitors to your website or users of your mobile app, via Google’s Display Network websites. Then you have dynamic remarketing which uses ads which include specific products or services people who visited your website have viewed.

Adwords is Google’s main advertising facility. The Google Display Network is part of that. The GDN is basically a way of businesses to reach customers using various ad formats across the digital universe. It spans – wait for it – over two million websites that reach over 90% of the internet!


Psst, that’s an opportunity not to be missed!


Better Engage Visitors

The point of this is to better engage visitors with your brand, products and services to increase ‘sales’.

We’ve inverted the word sales here because unless you’re an ecommerce website, the end goal might not actually result in money changing hands. Rather, a ‘sale’ can be any conversion you decide upon: be that an actual sale of goods, an email address submission, an enquiry form completion etc. It will be specific to your business and the outcome you want.

Many of our Birmingham & West Midlands based remarketing clients are B2B manufacturers or engineers. Subsequently, their ‘sale’ is more often than not the generation of a lead enquiry, which will then be followed up by their sales team. The beauty of using Google remarketing to generate the lead, is that the process can be fully tracked and the lead correctly attributed to any resulting contract. An experienced remarketing agency will be able to advise you on the best approach.


Why Google Remarketing Is Important For Your Business


Let’s set the scene.

You have a website. People – your target audience – visit it. Then they realise the latest Game of Thrones episode is on, click off your site, whip out their Ikea imitation animal skin and settle down to indulge themselves in the mythical lands and characters of Westeros.

All that time, money and effort you put into getting people to arrive at your website in the first place is potentially down the pan.

But aha! There is a powerful tool at your disposal: Google remarketing.

If you were smart and listened to a digital marketer who knew their stuff, you would have already gotten them to add the tracking code to your company website.

Oh, you didn’t? Call us.


Reach People Who Already Visited Your Website

Using Google remarketing gives you so many more opportunities to reach a significant percentage of the people who visited your website but left without converting. People will see your remarketing ads when they visit or shop on other websites, surf social media sites, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search Google. They can be shown several times per day, over a set period of time (30 days).

This equates to a lot of exposure for your business.

Try it. Visit a website, have a click through, maybe even add a product into a shopping basket. Now leave that one and visit others. It’s likely you’ll start to see adverts from the first website you were on.


Isn’t it a bit…

Were you going to say, weird? Stalker-esque? Creepy?

Remarketing has had all those things thrown at it. But as Adwords expert and Wordstream founder (aka a man who knows his stuff when it comes to remarketing), Larry Kim argues, you should forget everything negative you’ve heard about remarketing so far, and recognise that the creep factor is overblown and not backed up by data.

In a recent blog for Inc – 5 Proven Ways Remarketing Will Make Your Business Ridiculously Successful – Larry says:

“Remarketing is awesome.”

In a blog on remarketing facts earlier this year, he also asserted that if people really didn’t like remarketing adverts, they would ignore them. And if that’s the case they certainly wouldn’t click on them, which would result in ad fatigue. In a study he conducted to test his theory, he found that remarketing ads actually fatigued at half the rate of non-remarketing targeted ads:


Remarketing efforts should instead be seen as a gentle reminder to people who have visited your website to finish what they started, while at the same time reinforcing your branding and messaging each time they see you around.

At the end of the day, you can lead a customer to your company website, show them what you have to offer, but it doesn’t guarantee a conversion. Conversions result from an interplay of lots of different factors but remarketing gives you another chance at securing one.

Regardless of business size, budget or sector, remarketing is a key bow in your digital marketing strategic arrow. Read on to find out five key advantages of using it for any business.


1. Increase sales

Google Remarketing can show custom adverts to people who have visited your website. By reconnecting with them on the same product or service they were last engaged with you on, you increase your chance of a conversion.

You have the advantage of knowing what they were looking for, so you can customise the ads they see of your brand.


2. Brand Build

Staying top of mind is a powerful way to increase conversions. But brand building is not always easy in the crowded online space.

Google remarketing display ads make a difference. Classic PPC adverts and organic search listings are text based with very limited character space. This, coupled with the fact they don’t support logos and other visual assets that marketers typically use to build a brand, make them hard to use for this purpose.

Google remarketing adverts support brand building since you can add images and logos, which helps make your company easier to remember.


3. Save money

No, it isn’t free. But it is very cheap. Remarketing ads can cost significantly less than standard search pay-per-click adverts. And when comparing conversion rates vs the higher cost-per-click prices of standard PPC ads, Google remarketing could deliver higher ROI.


4. Improved conversions

By giving people more of what they want, you are more likely to get them to convert.

What’s more, conversion rates actually increase the more people see an advert within your set remarketing campaign timeframe. And, whilst clicks on remarketing ads may decrease the longer the campaign runs, the people who do click on it after having seen it few times already, are twice as likely to convert.

People are busy and have other stuff going on. It might be that they intend to go back to your website to take the next step but just haven’t got round to it yet. Repeated little nudges help them to become more familiar with you and learn to trust you. Then, when they have a spare moment, they are more likely to do business with you as opposed to your competitor – who hasn’t employed the same approach.


5. Maximised marketing spend ROI

An ideal marketing funnel would look something like this:

1: Person visits website
2: Person is totally focused on your site and spends time exploring your content or product landing pages.
3: They complete your preferred conversion action.
4: They become your loyal customer forever.
5: You meet, fall in love and now have a blended family.* (*OK, perhaps not this bit).


Unfortunately, it isn’t always as straight-forward as that, but by using remarketing you don’t have to re-engage the person in the whole sales process from the start, and therefore maximise your marketing ROI.

Why spend time and money just to get people to visit one time?

By using engaging, clickable remarketing ads with a relevant message for the right people, you give yourself increased, and improved, chances of bringing them back to your website and completing a conversion thus maximising the value of those initial visits.



Remarketing is a smart move. It significantly improves brand awareness, market “buzz”, prospect interaction and lead generation and conversion.

Without it you are potentially throwing away money and effort spent on initially getting people to your site.

It’s worth noting that not all businesses are even aware of its potential to help growth. So start doing it today to gain that first-mover advantage and surge ahead of your competitors.


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