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Considering voice search SEO for your business? As the SEO industry continues to grow and diversify, the future of search will lead to a rise in mobile, visual, and voice as primary platforms for your search queries. Along with more opportunities to rank, there will also be new challenges when it comes to optimising your content and keywords.


The Rise of Voice Search SEO

So, why is voice search SEO important? In the coming months and years, voice search will become the primary method for people to conduct their searches. Voice search is a quick and efficient search application. The likes of Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa are allowing users to perform searches with simple voice commands.The advanced technology in the devices enables them to recognise a wide variety of commands and words. This ensures the results that they deliver are accurate. 

At present, Google’s voice search is probably the best voice platform around. This is because of its ability to recognise individual voices and, therefore, provide more accurate search results. However, this is an area that is being continuously optimised to provide the best search results and experience for users. Voice search provides many different opportunities for users to access content. By optimising it to gain traffic, in that particular area, you will help improve your rankings. 

Here are some strategies that can help you optimise your content for voice search SEO:


Start with Mobile Optimisation

Your first priority, before optimising your content to cater for voice search queries, should be to ensure your website is mobile first. Users will be able to visit your site using voice. However, if it is not optimised for mobile device use, and easy to navigate, they may choose to look elsewhere.

User experience is vital and one of the ranking factors to take into account. Providing an organised, digestible layout makes for a good user experience. A responsive website design is essential as it helps make navigation easier. More and more users are relying on their mobiles to conduct searches. As a specialist website design agency, we know the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. It could make a big difference to your business.


Aim for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are concise paragraphs of content that answer frequently asked questions in your niche. This is important because voice search queries are predominantly question based searches, requiring definitive answers. As a result, featured snippets are visited very frequently and highly rated by Google. Google Assistant is particularly adept at dealing with these question based tasks. 

For example, I asked Google “how do I make chilli con carne?” Almost instantaneously, the search returned a featured snippet with an easy to follow method on how to make Chilli Con Carne. I asked Google assistant numerous random questions and each time it came up with the results I wanted, fast. 


FAQ’s and How To Guides

An effective way to implement voice search optimisation into your website is by creating a Frequently Asked Questions page. Another great method is creating How To Guides. These are an excellent way of not only optimising your site, but delivering valuable content too. Both methods will drive traffic from question based voice searches.

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Optimise Local Search Results

Local SEO optimisation is a great way for people to find your business, especially if you have a brick and mortar store. Along with geotagging keywords, getting listed on Google My Business will ensure that your site is found when people are asking directions or looking for particular business types. These types of searches are very common. You don’t want to be missing out because you have not optimised your site. Implementing the above will also ensure that your business shows up on Google Maps, which is very important.

What voice search does is provide users with a simple, convenient method of finding local businesses of all types, with a simple enquiry or specific question. Having your business listed ensures that you get hits when these questions are asked.



What we have established is that voice search SEO is definitely here to stay. It is improving dramatically, and more and more phone users are taking advantage of this service. It is simple and intuitive to use, and offers reliable results. Implementing the key points featured here will, without a doubt, bring more traffic to your site. It will also help in building your business’s success.

The above is just a very brief guide on optimising your website for voice search. As a specialist SEO agency, if you’d like more information on how voice search SEO could help grow your business then get in touch today on 0870 062 8760 or email us at

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