New Guaranteed Business Growth Tool Launched By AIM Internet

New “Guaranteed Business Growth Tool” launched by AIM Internet

The new solution, launched to optimise return is based on “accurate” data.

Leading digital marketing agency, AIM Internet, announced the launch of their Key To Growth App. A unique product giving business owners the ability to pull together leads and analytics data easily, in order to accurately inform marketing spend versus return.

Helping Businesses Measure Their Return On Investment

The challenge in the B2B sector unlike B2C and D2C has always been data. The data available for online solutions combined with information that can be in use has made online marketing relatively straightforward with sensible use of analytics. For instance, by the likes of Facebook, Google and Amazon. 

However, there is a lack of accurate user-level data in most SMEs with an “offline presence” e.g shops, distributors, resellers, manufacturers and service providers. As a result, the ability to measure return on marketing spend has been limited to say the least.

Up until today, the efficiency of marketing spend in the B2B sector was ambiguous. Consequently, leaving business owners in the dark about their return on investment. 

So for every £1 spent the return on margin can be evaluated e.g 3 to 1

Enabling Access To Clear Information

“We developed this capability to enable our partners to finally have access to clear information on spend versus return. As business growth experts, we wanted to provide the visibility that businesses simply haven’t had access to before.

Many businesses will have tried digital marketing and had their fingers burned, and a lot will be reluctant to invest because they’re not sure if they’re getting a return. 

The Key To Growth App removes this barrier. In fact, the key to sustainable growth in B2B marketing is data structure and data management. Our app pulls together all the necessary information to plug that gap and give clients hard figures.

For example, as a client, you’ll be able to see that ABC  marketing activity is getting X amount of leads and converting to Y amount of sales, as a result I’m getting Z  amount of return. Clear, tangible results.”

Mike Raybone, Company Director.

The innovative business growth tool app allows business owners to have more transparency. In addition, it gives the confidence that any marketing investment is indeed profitable and regarded as an investment.

AIM’s vision is to create an offering which not only builds trust between client and agency, but also delivers exponential growth to your business.

About AIM Internet 

Celebrating Over 25 Years as Digital Experts

AIM Internet’s directors have worked in Marketing for the last 35+ years, up to European board level, at the likes of Esso, American Express, Royal Sun Alliance, BT and Hewlett-Packard.

The skills learnt working for these blue chip companies have been adapted for all of our SME clients. Therefore, enabling us to deliver effective web design that will generate more business.

Our philosophy is that in order to compete in today’s marketplace, your on-line marketing spend should initially (at least) reflect your traditional marketing spend. You will realise very quickly just how much more cost effective it is.

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