4 Easy Blogging Tips to Help Boost Your Content 

Millions of blog posts are published every day. So, how can you get the traffic and search engine rankings you want from SEO blogging? Here are some blogging tips that will help to boost your content.

4 Blogging Tips

Invest more time in each blog post

One blogging tip that guarantees the quality of your content is to invest more time. On average, people spend about 4 hours writing a blog post before it’s published. However, unless you’re an expert in that particular area or topic, that’s not enough. The reason being is that it probably lacks research. In fact, it’s near impossible to conduct thorough research, digest it all, understand the key takeaways then deliver it in a clear and concise 2000 words all within 4 short hours. What then occurs, is unoriginal content.

Content that stands the test of time (otherwise known as evergreen content), can sometimes be months in the making. But that’s okay. A great example of this is Search Engine Journal’s 18-part 2020 SEO Guide.

The content that is being published is only getting better, so in order to compete you need to up your investment. 


Don’t skip the editing part

When it comes to SEO blogging, a tip we can give is that editing is a non-negotiable, and we mean real editing, if you want your content to stand out. Content needs to excite people, draw them and pique their interest and it needs to be error-free in tone, style, and delivery. That can’t be achieved without editing. Even better, have someone else edit it for you. Poor grammar and sloppy mistakes can seriously harm your credibility and doesn’t send a positive message to Google. In a study of 1000+ people by Orbit Media, nearly 50% of people said that spelling errors give them a negative perception of brand and status.

There are endless platforms, freelancers, agencies that will all help edit your content, so make sure you invest in at least one of them. In fact, we never publish an article without the help of Grammarly and SEMRush Writing Assistant. Not only does Grammarly check for plagiarism, spelling, grammar, punctuation, fluency, conciseness, formality, clarity, variety, and vocabulary. But it also allows you to customise goals to ensure your content delivers on its objectives. 


Revisit old content

Yes, you might have invested hours into delivering top quality content, but unfortunately even evergreen content doesn’t stay evergreen forever. It’s just a sign of the times, digital marketing is continually evolving. It may even be a matter of weeks before your content needs to be revisited if you want it to remain relevant and valuable. And, statistically you’re 2x more likely to see success if you repurpose old content. 

One tip is simply updating your SEO blogging content to increase your chances of not only remaining valuable, but also increasing your search engine rankings. The easiest way to do this is by looking at your analytics for the posts you want to revisit. Take a look at the traffic at its peak, if it has flatlined, then it’s time to update your content according to user expectations. It needs to align with what your audience is searching for right now. 

A quick search of your keywords will show you the posts that are appearing above yours. Take a look at what they’re doing better then make amends to your own content. Are they answering related questions that you copy doesn’t cover? Does their content go into more depth? Have they already updated their content to include the latest updates and trends?

Whatever it is, you need to make sure you’re doing it too. 


Do what others aren’t doing 

Content should be created to add value to your audience, there’s no point churning out content for the sake of it. That means taking all of what we’ve mentioned above and putting into action 1000 words, or even 2000 words doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t offer anything different to what’s already out there. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies you can still take advantage such as: 

  • Publish content over 2000 words: currently only 11% of bloggers publish long-form content that’s more than 2000 words. That means there’s a great opportunity for you to deliver long-form articles that delve into detail and deliver true value to your audience. 
  • Collaborate with influencers: only 1% of bloggers collaborate with influencers which means there’s a huge gap in the market. The benefit? A simple quote from someone who is trusted or established in your niche can boost credibility and also increases your chances of them sharing your content and linking to it. 
  • Include video: despite the staggering numbers that show the importance of video, only 26% of blogs include video. By adding video you can add even more value and potentially reach a wider audience. 

So if you want great content, that boosts SEO and genuine engagement, you need to deliver what other people aren’t. 

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It’s a tough and crowded market out there, so in order to stand out from the crowd you need to differentiate yourself. 

To emphasise, this means doing what most people aren’t: 

  • Invest more time into each post 
  • Edit, edit and edit again 
  • Revisit and repurpose old content 
  • Invest time into strategies where others aren’t 

None of this may sound earth-shattering, but put it all together and we can guarantee your SEO blogging content will start seeing results when it comes to traffic, rankings and credibility.

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